Sunday, April 5, 2009

The beggar's disciple

Yes .. Yes .. It is me .. The disciple that is .. Today this guy came along our street and kept playing this annoyingly weird instro which pretty much sounded like rubbing a wet hand against glass .. This 'musical' lasted for about 10 mins .. At the end of which i was actually rocking my head to-n-fro to the rythmic 'playing' .. Now I'm thinking how it'd be if i actually went to him and asked him to teach me how to play that supposed instro ..

Chucking that, i got this sorta uncomfy request on orkut which read, "
hi priyanka m ur junior ...........nd i like ur style so mchhhhhhhh...hope u accept me" .. I didn't know whether to smile or flinch .. Well i did both .. But what i found weird was this : I practically hated my school .. Was immensely happy when it at last came to an end .. i'm in touch with like 2-3 people from my school now, some times you just cannot believe that the fact of u hating ur school has little impact of what people think of you .. Even when u no more exist in that place / circle .. It's sorta nice .. But then again, i am like anybody .. It weirdly feels unfair to have my persona being appreciated .. When all throughout my life, most found it weird n unacceptable

And btw .. In the blogger posting page, the icon which lets y add an external link always looks like a green frog to me with bulging eyes .. hmmm

And one more thing .. I have this very unusual style of blogging where each paragraph in my posts not only add more ideas but completely unrelated ones =)) .. But i find this coming on slowly into my convo's with people .. Sometimes topics change every minute .. Annoying to few .. But i think it's quite funny ..

Anyways .. ciao !