Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great Old Englisss

When it comes to India, the language base is highly eclectic. So, it's only natural that none of us, Indians are native English speakers. Even less, have the correct knowledge of English.

Once, on my way to Pondicherry for a casual holiday, this is what a car's rear window read : "Bra Driving School" ..ahem .. Don't know if you appreciated that .. Either ways ..

>>>This is what the banner of a modest 20' x 20' shop selling booze reads :

>>>Even more funny (assuming the one above was funny :| .. ) is what i got to read as my bus passed thru Tiruverumbur today :

I speak hindi .. er .. guruji .. By what 'method' did you teach us hindi ? Is it better or or or at least as good as the "North Indian Method" ?

>>>Here is another comedy .. there was a building under construction and this is what a simple banner in front of it read :

>>>The other day, msk and me where just walking the streets in Trichy .. There was this restaurant that claimed it had air-conditioning, but even from the outside one could see that it was not so .. Then on observing the banner more carefully ...

Hope you enjoy reading the post as much as i enjoyed making it .. and yes :| .. i used Paint .. was too lazy for ps

Thursday, August 21, 2008

World's most ****ed-up college

No .. I'm not naming it .. cos i'm also a part of it .. So .. we had this tuesday and thrusday off . working on saturday and sunday .. ok ? .. now .. this is ll continue forn two more weeks .. how bloody enterprising ..

Anyways, have my tests from wednesday.. so this week shouldn't be very difficult (coping with the working weekends that is) .. Anyways had a very sumptuous lunch today with msk .. had crab for the first time .. what an adventure .. lol .. ate fish after a very very long time .. it was nice, surprisingly ..

Then .. what else is up .. hmmm .. yeah .. twisted my ankle on tuesday evening .. wasnt too serious .. still bunked wednesday .. Btw .. i made this post only and only cos i was completely vetti .. Hope i was of some help to you in helping you continue wasting time ..


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Croc skins, Turtle backs

I was watching "Feast Bazar Year" on Discovery T&L .. They were showing Damascus .. And what a lay .. erm .. i mean, what a spread .. They sell croc skins .. turtle backs .. all reptile shit like they were carrots and beans .. wonder how (il)legal it is .. lol

And talking of feasts, the past two days have been a banquet time at my home .. lol .. what ever i like .. how much ever i want of it :D .. wonderful .. na ? .. Anyways, mom tried in vain, in fact failed miserably in trying to persuade me to extend my holidays .. lol .. so ll be leaving this afternoon most prolly :) ..

Btw i'm deeply disappointed with the boys in my class .. some 61 in number (boys alone) .. they are yet to start giving proxies !! cmon guys .. buck up .. And yet to meet a blogger from sastra .. :( .. Such a big passion of mine .. and no one to share it with .. haaa ...

And hey .. i got to swap phones with msk this week .. a samsung F700 .. what a grand beauty .. lol .. Now i'm bent on buying a touch phone (when i get to, that is :| ) .. The F700 is not even out in India .. I'm looking to test-use an iphone (is that possible ?!!) .. let's see ..

Had rava dosa for breakfast .. and it's lying heavy on my stomach .. gotto go sleep :D .. i know it's been a very eclectic post .. lol .. but who cares ? ..

Friday, August 15, 2008

18 Days Hence

Hell-O .. Eighteen days into my colleging and things are fine. Now, I'm home for the weekend and ppl are harrowing me with "How is college ???" .. I really wanna say "frickin vetti and kick-ass time-pass" .. But since that may not be accepted by the supernatural mortals who labour to ask me how is college, i need to end their divine curiosity and interest with an "Ok :) "

Hmmm .. But heyy i have no inhibitions with you people.. Know why ? .. Cos you actually don't give a damn .. And are most prolly are reading cos you're so jobless .. Now now .. One solid improvement i have made in the past two weeks has been my telugu (no dw .. it's still pathetic) .. thanks to the people i hang around with .. all brainees ;) .. Rahul, Teja, Abhi, Swetha, Madhukur, Shubhoday, Jayadev .. nice people ..

And worst of worst .. me in some latent lunatic trance agreed to be the rep for girls .. with Shubhoday maning the boys CR thingy .. talk of staying low-profile ..

Meanwhile, the seniors are being unbelievably nice .. trying to get us into clubs they manage .. Surprisingly enough, the art form clubs have auditions and crap .. but the supposedly-more intensive tech clubs have no induction procedures .. they take in the entire herd .. yes, herd :| ..

Anyways, dinner now .. ll post more before i leave on sunday .. catchya .. ummah .. bye :D