Thursday, August 21, 2008

World's most ****ed-up college

No .. I'm not naming it .. cos i'm also a part of it .. So .. we had this tuesday and thrusday off . working on saturday and sunday .. ok ? .. now .. this is ll continue forn two more weeks .. how bloody enterprising ..

Anyways, have my tests from wednesday.. so this week shouldn't be very difficult (coping with the working weekends that is) .. Anyways had a very sumptuous lunch today with msk .. had crab for the first time .. what an adventure .. lol .. ate fish after a very very long time .. it was nice, surprisingly ..

Then .. what else is up .. hmmm .. yeah .. twisted my ankle on tuesday evening .. wasnt too serious .. still bunked wednesday .. Btw .. i made this post only and only cos i was completely vetti .. Hope i was of some help to you in helping you continue wasting time ..


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Matangi Mawley said...

strange? i thought only my "dear", "old" col cud be the most whtevr!-- i m out of it nw-- thnk goodness..