Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Unfortunate domains anyone?

i read these in some mag ..

Children's wear

IHA Vegas

Mole Station Nursery

Therapist Finder

Via Grafix

some of these domains have been taken down .. but its kinda funny .. next time you wanna put "grafix" just to save urself the trouble of typing 2 more letters .. think again ..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Filling a slam book ..

yeah .. i'm in my last year of schooling .. and “school” is virtually over.. only tests from now on.. i sit the test (everyday) , i hand in my answer script in 1.5 hrs and go packing .. back home.. and bury myself in more books .. downside to this? : well.. you can only just about catch your friends' faces .. forget about talking to them .. but me still very alive :D.. (bless Alexander Graham Bell ) ..

With this comes the very feverish or rather EQistic avalanche of slam books that get thrusted in your hands .. whether you like it or not :| .. so i made a “template” .. a standard default .. requiring minimal changes .. IF the venerable owner of the slam book deserves it..


name : needs updation(desperately :| )
nickname : looking for a new one
address : not looking for a new one
phone no. : er.. i'm actually dumb (so, no point in giving it anyways)
email id :
My birthday : April 31
I'm proud of : duh! Dont you know ego is bad for health?
My best moment : Can you keep a secret ? Yes ? You sure ? So can I.
My dream : marry William Henry Gates III
My hobbies : dislodge / disorient people mentally with my excessively groteseque propositions
I would like to date : a GUY!! (obvious isn't it?.. considering the factS that i'm female and not bicurious)
My favorite pastime : following F1, wrc, moto gp, sbk, epl, bowling, tennis
My idea of fun : bugging / coaxing my mad friends into going madder (and hence forth keep me company)
My favorite holiday destination : mountains / beaches
My favorite food : anything delectably edible
Favorite color : blackish white
Favorite book : 1001 keyboard utilities (ya.. i eat on it, i sleep on it, i (occasionally) sit on it, i throw it about.....and yeah.. occasionally i do my typing with it )
My favorite hang-out : a nice quiet place a little away from my house :) [people say its a graveyard.. don't know ..]
Cool pals : the pals i do have don't let me touch them.. so can't tell ..!!


well.. by the look of it .. i personally think its decent work .. something worth being treasured forever and forever .. by either the slam-book owner.. or the trash can ..

DISCLAIMER : i hate britney spears

Thursday, November 8, 2007

my KCET prep :P

its diwali today in tamil nadu (rest of country its up at 8.. rang up some 30 odd ppl to wish a "happy diwali".. some answered.. some idiots slept :P
hmmm.. actually a lot has been going on since i last posted..and most terrible of all.. my ppl want me to take up KCET( Karnataka CET) also along with my JEE& having been in tn all my life.. i have to exploit the one and only loop-hole of baing born there in now according to the "eligiblity clauses".. i can write the KCET (can you believe it?? {i cant} :| ) but it seems they ll first conduct a test to see if i know kandu at all.. it seems i should know to speak(ok), write (not ok) and to read (not ok) kannada( wtf??)
now taking daily "classes" from my mom!! DAMN!! never imagined!! to actually "learn"?!! when i can speak flawlessly!! sigh!!