Sunday, January 23, 2011

Respect, Honor, Dignity, Death

Death is the inevitable, irrevocable end all of us are breathing towards; As endlessly numbered our days may seem to be.

I largely believe that death is hugely over-rated and life taken for granted way too much too many times. So much has the novelty quotient of death risen that people use it as blackmail. Those who habitually get their way by threatening to die, honor and value their life only as much as one playing playing Russian roulette.
Like any teenager, I've contemplated suicide in the past. Of those dire moments, i recall how and why i chose to live. More than how painful death would be for me, for my kin and beyond the question of "what lies yonder?", what bothered me most about death is how I'd cease to live, cease to breathe and cease to feel heat and cold; Death did not seem worth giving up all the above and still does not.

Touching upon the theory of "life after death", it's one vortex one should wisely avoid. For all we know, there is nothing on the other side. We never wonder what happens to a fruit fly when it dies and what happens to the now dead dog. I'd doubt it if nature would treat a human being's demise with any less indifference than it would a dog's. Hence it's only sensible to understand we unnecessarily over-rate our death. It may well be as insignificant as any creature's. The only beings one demise affects are those who were fond of the now deceased.

We didn't ask to be born; Just sit through the ride and try enjoying yourself as often as possible and as much as possible and you ll realize all your woes are worth those moments of utter glee;