Friday, December 14, 2007

Half eye opened

i'm at the height of nuetrality .. nothing particularly interests or disinterests me (exception : math and food .. arent they the same? ) .. and i have nothing to do in the afternoons nowadays .. so decided to watch a few movies : new ones, not-so-new ones, old ones .. and watched them too ..

No Smoking :

>John Abraham rox !
>Paresh Rawal rox !
>Dialogues roc !
>Songs roc !
>Movie sux !

Saawariya :

>Never trust a movie director !
>Ranbhir kapoor offers to strip for Sonam .. offer accepted !
>Arsenic for those who hate the color blue !
>Champagne for those who love blue ! (seasoned with arsenic of course !! )
> i wonder why Bhansali didnt get Eiffel 65's blue for the film's theme song !
>translated into tamil : “ Wanna die?” .. now i know why !

Om Shanti Om :

>Shahrukh Khan and Arjun Ram Pal swap roles ! (by virtue of age that is .. )
>One life is never too enough for a guy .. for obvious reasons .. ! (yuk !! guys ARE like pigs !! )

Bhool Bhulaiyaa :

>A better / less freaky copy of the tamil Chandramukhi !
>Akshay Kumar at least
looks like he's from America unlike .. .. .. !

Dus Kahaaniyan :

>Ten stories .. one movie ! Nuff said !!

Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag :

>you dont really have to know the title of the movie to know who directed it ! .. (shows)

Cheeni Kum :

>Guy's 64 !
>Girl's 34 !
>Girl's dad is 58 !
>what fun !

Water :

>the movie can melt diamonds @ room temp ! ( it melted me .. )

Black :

>most often the blind are those who can see more than anyone and everyone AND appreciate them all the same !

>Rani's blindingly brilliant !

Fanaa :

>Kajol follows suit .. ! (and i dont mean brilliance )

Chakde India :

>decent !
>Carries a close resemblence to “Miracle” on Herbert Brookes .. check it out here

>>>from this point i cant take in anymore desi crap .. so decide to watch some of my all time favorite english trash ..

Crash :

It's the sense of touch”
Any real city, you walk, you know? .. You brush past people .. people bump into you. In L.A. Nobody touches you. We're always behind this metal and glass .. I think we miss that touch so much that we crash into each other just so we can feel something .. ..”

GOAL ! :

> I want to be santiago !! imagine all those football studs i could meet ! (drool .. )
> reminds me of The Alchemist 's santiago ..

Cast Away :

>you feel lost in the dark? .. watch this movie ! You will want to see the other side of this dark night ! Wake up to the next morning !

> -- “ I knew i had to keep breathing because the sun would rise again the next morning .. so thats what I did .. i kept breathing ..”

My Best Friend's Wedding : >The mad Julia Roberts works magic just as ever !

>And if Cameron Diaz did feature in Charlie's Angels , then who is this?

Finding Neverland : >The movie is tempting ..

> as in you will want to believe in faires ! Afterall, everyone wants to see neverland ! (and this has NOTHING to do with MJ !! )


PS : CRITIC, n. A person who boasts himself hard to please because nobody

tries to please him. - Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce, 1911.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

For Champi :)

For those who dont know who / what “champi” is .. he was my VL mam's (my physics teacher at iit class) little white dog .. he died last friday .. in the early hours of november 30, 2007 .. this post is for him ..

first time i saw champi was an year and a half ago .. when i happened to drop by VL's home .. little white thing .. a promerian .. “champion” he was called .. cute guy .. came tugging at my duppata and all .. mam's daughter--a great animal enthusiast .. told that champi especially fell for girls .. lol .. and i had replied “ well .. he would have had a better chance had he been taller and less hairy .. “

it all comes back now .. even if he wasnt “tall” and “less hairy” .. i liked him nevertheless .. i personally have never had a dog .. because mum says that the grief that shrouds one after a pet's death far outweighs the joy the pet had brought when it was alive .. and me always fond of keeping things in control .. didnt experiment with a pet ..

and now, inspnite of myself, i feel sad there wont be another champi ..
For Champi - ummah !!

we ll miss you da :) .. :) .. :) ..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Unfortunate domains anyone?

i read these in some mag ..

Children's wear

IHA Vegas

Mole Station Nursery

Therapist Finder

Via Grafix

some of these domains have been taken down .. but its kinda funny .. next time you wanna put "grafix" just to save urself the trouble of typing 2 more letters .. think again ..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Filling a slam book ..

yeah .. i'm in my last year of schooling .. and “school” is virtually over.. only tests from now on.. i sit the test (everyday) , i hand in my answer script in 1.5 hrs and go packing .. back home.. and bury myself in more books .. downside to this? : well.. you can only just about catch your friends' faces .. forget about talking to them .. but me still very alive :D.. (bless Alexander Graham Bell ) ..

With this comes the very feverish or rather EQistic avalanche of slam books that get thrusted in your hands .. whether you like it or not :| .. so i made a “template” .. a standard default .. requiring minimal changes .. IF the venerable owner of the slam book deserves it..


name : needs updation(desperately :| )
nickname : looking for a new one
address : not looking for a new one
phone no. : er.. i'm actually dumb (so, no point in giving it anyways)
email id :
My birthday : April 31
I'm proud of : duh! Dont you know ego is bad for health?
My best moment : Can you keep a secret ? Yes ? You sure ? So can I.
My dream : marry William Henry Gates III
My hobbies : dislodge / disorient people mentally with my excessively groteseque propositions
I would like to date : a GUY!! (obvious isn't it?.. considering the factS that i'm female and not bicurious)
My favorite pastime : following F1, wrc, moto gp, sbk, epl, bowling, tennis
My idea of fun : bugging / coaxing my mad friends into going madder (and hence forth keep me company)
My favorite holiday destination : mountains / beaches
My favorite food : anything delectably edible
Favorite color : blackish white
Favorite book : 1001 keyboard utilities (ya.. i eat on it, i sleep on it, i (occasionally) sit on it, i throw it about.....and yeah.. occasionally i do my typing with it )
My favorite hang-out : a nice quiet place a little away from my house :) [people say its a graveyard.. don't know ..]
Cool pals : the pals i do have don't let me touch them.. so can't tell ..!!


well.. by the look of it .. i personally think its decent work .. something worth being treasured forever and forever .. by either the slam-book owner.. or the trash can ..

DISCLAIMER : i hate britney spears

Thursday, November 8, 2007

my KCET prep :P

its diwali today in tamil nadu (rest of country its up at 8.. rang up some 30 odd ppl to wish a "happy diwali".. some answered.. some idiots slept :P
hmmm.. actually a lot has been going on since i last posted..and most terrible of all.. my ppl want me to take up KCET( Karnataka CET) also along with my JEE& having been in tn all my life.. i have to exploit the one and only loop-hole of baing born there in now according to the "eligiblity clauses".. i can write the KCET (can you believe it?? {i cant} :| ) but it seems they ll first conduct a test to see if i know kandu at all.. it seems i should know to speak(ok), write (not ok) and to read (not ok) kannada( wtf??)
now taking daily "classes" from my mom!! DAMN!! never imagined!! to actually "learn"?!! when i can speak flawlessly!! sigh!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Inconsistency of feelings

well i've had nothing but half an apple, 2 fingers of kit-kat and a bowl of tomato soup from morning.. (time's 20:03 hrs now)..but i still dont feel hungry..this may be a "highly calorific serving" for a hollywood chick.. but hey.. i'm in i can say i've eaten less :P

ok.. so coming to the actual point.. “inconsistency of feelings”.. sigh.. it so happens.. we humans often experience this oddity where u cant keep your feelings for a person constant.. be it your friend..!! .. somehow you can never see yourself feeling for person the same way at all times.. why is this inconsistency? Bio ppl attribute this to the rising and ebbing levels of chemicals like dopomin and serotonin..etc etc.. but since i'm no bio pundit.. let me have my own take on this..

most often, we try (in vain) to reason why we are feeling the way we do.. but factually.. i doubt if an answer to this "why" exists.. but u know what.. next time ur feeling like this.. try what i do.. try and look at this whole thing from a third person field of view.. like come out of yourself and observe whats happening to you.. and believe me.. u neednt be too surprised if ur laughing at yourself.. its in us..all of us.. to handle other's problems / confusions efficiently..but when it comes one's self.. things often get blown outta proportion.. so when u look at your problems rather than feeling them.. you ll be better sooner.. :)

Shakespeare goes like: "most friendship's feigning..most loving's mere folly.." .. ask me one day and i ll tell you shakey is 100% right and next day u ll have ranting, "Had shakey lost his head to compose such negative crap??!! "

i read this somewhere.. say a duck is cruising around in a lake.. and somebody suddenly throws a stone into the waters.. now the duck can either fly away to glory ("safety" that is :P) .. or choose to move in / with the ripples in the water.. and see how it feels.. btw.. what would u choose?

Friday, October 19, 2007

missing dandiya :(

its navrathri time.. today's supposed to be durgashtami.. eight days into this whole celebration and still no dandiya rass!! how sad :( bad :( mad :(
its been years i've danced at a dandiya night!!.. all the loud and blaring gujarati muzique, the dhol, the colors, the people, the "mauhaul" (atmosphere).. suddenly i seem to missing all of it so much..
chal.. abhi tasweerein dekhke hi jee bhar lun.. :|

the memories itself are so very old.. they're just as vague as that photograph :|

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My experiments with Tamizh :P

yeah!..i'm talking about tamil nadu and of course!.. tami'zh'ans

my mom recalls a convo i had with my grandpa when i was abt 6 years goes like this:
(the below convo was in kannada)

grandad:the tamilians have a unique way of spelling everything..
me: yeah, thathu.. sometimes i dont even understand what my friends at school speak..

grandad: whats it they call 'chappathi' ?
me: oh! That.. they call it something like this: “sappathi”..

grandad: what about 'dosa'?
me: something like 'thosai'!

grandad: did they retain 'idly' atleast?
(i seriously have lost it at this point for it seems i have replied..)

me: no.. its not 'idly'!.. they call it 'thidly'..!!
(i do know i must have been lying about “thidly”.. jus for the fun of it :P)

so thats that.. one more thing that really intrigues me is how they say: “tea / coffe saapdu” honestly!.. in all other langs.. its like “tea taagu”(telugu) or “tea togoli”(kandu) or “chai piyo” (hindi) !!!!!

i also remember the day when i was making announcements and ended up spelling “azhagarasi” as “az-hag-arasi”.. all the time thinking if it was of african origin or what!.. only realised later that it was infact “la” for “zh”.. when my friends who were listening dissolved into a sea of laughter!

to date.. my efforts to speak flawless tamil continues.. i have nothing against the language as such.. but it gets you in a lot of trouble when you try to get away by making cross-linguistic translations..and end up making an entirely inappropriate statement!!!.. unless the person listening to you knows the degree of ur “proficiency” in tamil.. well.. you can guess what can happen!! (i learnt it the hard way.. not once ..not twice..almost everytime!) lol!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Interlagos !!

here's how the standings are with ONE race to go: hamilton at 107, Alonso at 103.. (i'm not mentioning kimi cos' i know he wont win ;) )
Having followed the sport (F1 that is) for about 9 years now, i've never been so keen / curious (for alonso) about the results.. not when hakkinen was around..not even during the close shave schumi survived from then-greenhorn kimi in 2003.. with the hilarious juggle the grand-stand has seen this season i honestly want it all to end :| even if schumi is a 7 times King, i still can say i've got used to seeing alonso win (in the past couple years).. the thing is, this new lewis guy thinks different (much to my intrigue and annoyance)
Its all gonna be decided at Interlagos on Oct 21.. a dream result would be Alonso winning the race with hamilton finishing 5 points short of his 'team mate' :_) but i doubt if this will happen because this hamilton guy, the supposed-to-be thumb-sucking greenhorn rookie is proving to be more than that..
Lewis Hamilton fans anyone? :P

Saturday, September 29, 2007

change yourself in two hours !!

first thing!.. i'm not promoting the latest age-defying cream or a “sauna-belt”!!

this post is for my friends.. those who havent read up the book “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” (yet).. the book itself is tiny..and with some really amazing seagull photographs.. the actual text can be finished up in under two hours!! and believe me.. its kinda power-packed!.. like.. rather than saying “you ll be a changed perosn by the end of the book”..its more fitting to say “you ll be a changed perosn in under two hours”..(wow! i even sound like those tele-shopping ppl)

so..Jon is a seagull.. young(and hopefully handsome ;) ).. who wants to live life beyond the ordinary chores which enable one to merely survive..gifted with a lot of grit and optimism.. he gets outcast by his clan (or whatever you call it) when he tries to tell his own ppl abt how it was possible even for the seagulls to soar like the falcons and glide like the eagles..(btw i'm not very sure as to which glides and which sorry if i'm wrong!!).. So this guy..all his life betters himself at flying.. and then reaches himself beyond the bindings of space and time..and helps other ppl(seagulls) also discover this.. and according to him, the only law is one that sets one free (nice outlook)...its like the farther you push yourself..the more you will discover yourself and also in the process.. realise the real Jonathan that lives in each one of us!!.. nice read really..

and i guess each one who reads this book can and WILL identify with Jon in one way or the other.. for me the most striking similarity b/n me and Jon that i observed was our ability to let go.. the ability to regard things beyond the worldly constraints of time and space.. and the dawning of the truth that nothing is forever..nothing's indispensible in this world.. one must move on.. not that its the only way.. but yes!..its possibly the best way :).. thats the beauty!!

having read almost all of Paulo coelho's works.. i was dubious as to how much impact this book would really have on me.. after reading.. i realised.. it was different in its own way.. where as Coelho's narration comes with a lot of mystic in it.. Bach presents things jus the way they are..its refreshing!!.. bottom line: all you paulo coelho readers..this book is definitely worth a read!! :D

Qouting God-knows-who : “ the sign of a good book is that it changes each time you read it” :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saint Peter prefers the Titanic to Windows OS!

Bill Gates dies and goes to heaven, where Saint Peter gives him a smart two-bedroom house with a pretty garden and a tennis court. Pleased with his lot, Bill quickly settles into his afterlife.
One day he is out walking when he bumps into a man wearing a fine, tailored suit.
“That's really nice,” says Bill. “where did you get it?
“Actually,” says the man, “i was given 50 of these, plus two mansions, a yacht, a golf course and four Rolls-Royces.”
“Wow, wre you a priest or a doctor healing the sick?” asks Bill.
“NO, I was the captain of the Titanic.”
Bill storms off to see Saint Peter. “ How come the captain of a sunken ship gets all that while I, the inventor of the Windows operating system, get a crummy little house?” he asks.
“We use Windows too,” says Saint Peter. “And the Titanic only crashed once. “


now neither am i against thw Windows ppl nor am i the spokesperson for linux..
i'm jus a beholder.. lol..

Saturday, September 15, 2007


One thing I wake up every morning (or for that matter..any time of the day!!) and don’t want to hear at any cost is..”my files/folders have gone corrupt/missing/inaccessible”..this happened a couple weeks ago..since my dear dear sweet :P sister also works on the comp..i usually password-protect my folders that contain my everything fine evening..i logged on cos’ I had to mail these codes to a friend ..and I double-click the file and the enter pasword dialog opens up..and I enter my passwd.. ******* …but woah!! This stupid message comes up next..”wrong password”!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf is this??..i tried ..i tried my butt off to open the godamn folder but to no avail!!!.. I had to shut down my PC to stop myself from getting all frust.. i hadnt made a backup..neither online nor off..then i happened to log in the same night for something else..and wanted to give one more vain try to the folder.. as usual.. I punched the passwd.. this time with a little more precision..and LO!!!..the stupid stupid thing opens with no trouble at all.. I was baffled /stupified / flabbergasted (whatever)…I tried to understand / figure out/ do something to find out why things had happened the way they had.. I mean there had to be an explanation.. I mean …this time ok..i got back my codes and stuff back ..what if next time I password-protected some other really sensitive doc.. and things really acted-up!!

It happened again ..yesterday.. I was punching away my passwd as lazily as ever..and access was denied!! DAMN!! I also happened to sign into Gtalk at the same time.. and at that time the ever friendly, ever irritating windows balloon sprang up in the bg.. “ CAPS LOCK IS ON. . .” jaake’ dimag ki batthi jali!! lol!!

Dis blog!

2 reasons why i'm writing up this blog:

*jus like that :p
*to show off my superfluously good english(which of course serves no good to me or others :P)

i'm gonna post stuff whenever :

*i really am SICK of working for IIT........( which of course will nvr happen :) :) :) )
*i'm sickeningly tired of life and ppl....... (which again will nvr happen)
*i'm sitting hapless/friendless/jobless .....................(i KNOW this ll nvr happen)
*i hav sthng to tell thats jus way too hard to!! (u ll see there's no such stuff n this is jus “hype”)

hmm!! by the look of it..i may nvr post even a single blog going by the above “criteria”.. but lol!! i know i will.. cos all of these WILL surface..if not in full magnitude!!!!

BEHOLD!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!