Saturday, December 19, 2009

Diet Pepsi

It's bad .. Quite bad for your health .. But i had 1.2L of it in a space of five hours .. Bad .. Real Bad .. I wonder if it has enough caffeine in it to keep me awake all night ..

Anyways, i went out to do a bit of shopping for supplies .. And took the wrong bus again .. I seem to be doing it too often these days .. But i secretly enjoy it too .. going around places u never know existed in the town .. knowing all the time that u are safe and not really "lost"

The fried chicken i had today for dinner was the best i've had in tanjore.

My hair is falling rapidly. I definitely am doing something wrong. I'm scared !

A weird post this is, isn't it ? .. May be it's the pepsi or the chicken or the hair loss

Monday, December 14, 2009

High High High

Lotsa nice new things happening .. Well ummm .. that was more of a mental note than anything.

I'm totally in love with leona lewis' music. Anyways, I just thought i'd put up some tips to help people look better .. Many people around me do many basic things wrong .. I'm no fashion expert but i'm said to have a decent sense of what n not to do

Him :
Yes, a lack of dressing sense may be a turn-on for some girls .. Anyways,
>>For men who are short, shed any ideas of going low-waist with your jeans. Do not wear over-sized clothes.
>>Use a no-shine lip balm to keep ur lips kiss-ready
>>Keep your nails clipped. Do not tempt us (women) to wanna paint your gorgeous nails.
>>Do not wear garish belts with huge nonsense buckles in a formal outfit. Puhlease !
>>Do wear clean, pressed clothes.

Her :
Lips__Ummmmaaah ! 
>>Kindly, NEVER leave your lips unattended
>>A good lip balm is a must even during the direst of times - Dry, chappy lips will not get kissed. >>Next, with lipstick, always see to that your upper lip is one shade darker than your lower lip. >>People with thin lips are advised to use earthly tones - red / maroon will make u look like a clown

Nose__Haughty me !
>>To make your nose appear higher, straighter, dab a little foundation cream on the bridge of your nose. Then squeeze your nose across the bridge, making a stright line over your nose. Nest smudge it carefully togive an illusion of a straighter nose.

Eyes__What's your story ?
>>People with a dark complexion, kindly avoid kohl - makes u look like thieves
>>Never apply red / pink liners to define your lower lid. They make u look drunk (unless u intend it, of course)

Jeans__Comes down to this, doesn't it ?
>>Color : for formal occasions DARK is the watchword .. irrespective of the color
>>Waistline : Low riding jeans enhance your flat belly (if u have one). While wearing formal flowing tops, wear a thin belt with a discreet buckle / lock. U don't want anything sticking out from down there !

Shoes__They talk
>>Please Please don't wear sneakers n floaters with your salwars ! esp in my insti, girls wear nothing but flats ..
>>Shoes with heels better your posture, round up your calves and make your walk more graceful n sexy
>>When on high heels
  #While walking, place the heel forward first, followed by the toes
  #At the stairs, walk placing only your toes, keeping the heel clear of the stairs

Hair__More than a preening gesture
>>Pay proper attention. Follow your shampoo with a conditioner
>>Hair color as such doesn't cause hair-fall. It causes hair breakage which can be averted with conditioning.
>>for straight hair, use a relaxant or a straightening iron to straighten your hair ends twice or thrice a week, so as to not let them get curled in awful directions

The above things work for me .. And two things : Make-up is a grooming procedure, Looking good is not bad