Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clarity in the realms of Cacophony

Cacophony is to what most people would associate the below genres of music :
>>Death metal

The above genres soothe me esp the bands : Opeth, Rammstein, U2
Life has always been tumultuous for me, given the huge variety n number of people i'm in contact with, given my dynamic character. There are so many around me trying, trying very hard to fit a rhythm to life. I, kind of, have realized that there is no such thing to life. There may be 'routine', which interests no one anyways.

Listening to death metal by Opeth is pure joy. It's amazing how sounds come together to produce music that is highly intricate. Beyond this, the beauty lies in how each instrument produces music and a feel, often different from that of the song : Like different colored threads entwined to produce a heart-warming creation.

Can't type anymore .. Too ecstatic

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here and back again

Aaah .. A really long time ..

I'm currently in hospet, k'taka .. My baby cousin naming ceremony tomo .. Gonna get to dress up .. Hopefully, there are some appropriate watchers to watch. There's gonna be an open bar too but i'm quite sure not a drop ll go down my throat .. I'm the hosting family n damn, i'm a girl

The past few months have been quite eventful as far as friends are considered .. Picked a few up .. Dropped a couple .. Things are going awesome with msk ! .. Plus, my birthday went by in mid october .. Got a samsung star mobile phone from mom and a sexy apple itouch from my guy .. Good ppl i have in my life

Let me let u know that i'm gonna post regularly from now on .. Got a pretty stable internet connection at last .. Chal i'm bored now