Saturday, December 19, 2009

Diet Pepsi

It's bad .. Quite bad for your health .. But i had 1.2L of it in a space of five hours .. Bad .. Real Bad .. I wonder if it has enough caffeine in it to keep me awake all night ..

Anyways, i went out to do a bit of shopping for supplies .. And took the wrong bus again .. I seem to be doing it too often these days .. But i secretly enjoy it too .. going around places u never know existed in the town .. knowing all the time that u are safe and not really "lost"

The fried chicken i had today for dinner was the best i've had in tanjore.

My hair is falling rapidly. I definitely am doing something wrong. I'm scared !

A weird post this is, isn't it ? .. May be it's the pepsi or the chicken or the hair loss

Monday, December 14, 2009

High High High

Lotsa nice new things happening .. Well ummm .. that was more of a mental note than anything.

I'm totally in love with leona lewis' music. Anyways, I just thought i'd put up some tips to help people look better .. Many people around me do many basic things wrong .. I'm no fashion expert but i'm said to have a decent sense of what n not to do

Him :
Yes, a lack of dressing sense may be a turn-on for some girls .. Anyways,
>>For men who are short, shed any ideas of going low-waist with your jeans. Do not wear over-sized clothes.
>>Use a no-shine lip balm to keep ur lips kiss-ready
>>Keep your nails clipped. Do not tempt us (women) to wanna paint your gorgeous nails.
>>Do not wear garish belts with huge nonsense buckles in a formal outfit. Puhlease !
>>Do wear clean, pressed clothes.

Her :
Lips__Ummmmaaah ! 
>>Kindly, NEVER leave your lips unattended
>>A good lip balm is a must even during the direst of times - Dry, chappy lips will not get kissed. >>Next, with lipstick, always see to that your upper lip is one shade darker than your lower lip. >>People with thin lips are advised to use earthly tones - red / maroon will make u look like a clown

Nose__Haughty me !
>>To make your nose appear higher, straighter, dab a little foundation cream on the bridge of your nose. Then squeeze your nose across the bridge, making a stright line over your nose. Nest smudge it carefully togive an illusion of a straighter nose.

Eyes__What's your story ?
>>People with a dark complexion, kindly avoid kohl - makes u look like thieves
>>Never apply red / pink liners to define your lower lid. They make u look drunk (unless u intend it, of course)

Jeans__Comes down to this, doesn't it ?
>>Color : for formal occasions DARK is the watchword .. irrespective of the color
>>Waistline : Low riding jeans enhance your flat belly (if u have one). While wearing formal flowing tops, wear a thin belt with a discreet buckle / lock. U don't want anything sticking out from down there !

Shoes__They talk
>>Please Please don't wear sneakers n floaters with your salwars ! esp in my insti, girls wear nothing but flats ..
>>Shoes with heels better your posture, round up your calves and make your walk more graceful n sexy
>>When on high heels
  #While walking, place the heel forward first, followed by the toes
  #At the stairs, walk placing only your toes, keeping the heel clear of the stairs

Hair__More than a preening gesture
>>Pay proper attention. Follow your shampoo with a conditioner
>>Hair color as such doesn't cause hair-fall. It causes hair breakage which can be averted with conditioning.
>>for straight hair, use a relaxant or a straightening iron to straighten your hair ends twice or thrice a week, so as to not let them get curled in awful directions

The above things work for me .. And two things : Make-up is a grooming procedure, Looking good is not bad

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Clarity in the realms of Cacophony

Cacophony is to what most people would associate the below genres of music :
>>Death metal

The above genres soothe me esp the bands : Opeth, Rammstein, U2
Life has always been tumultuous for me, given the huge variety n number of people i'm in contact with, given my dynamic character. There are so many around me trying, trying very hard to fit a rhythm to life. I, kind of, have realized that there is no such thing to life. There may be 'routine', which interests no one anyways.

Listening to death metal by Opeth is pure joy. It's amazing how sounds come together to produce music that is highly intricate. Beyond this, the beauty lies in how each instrument produces music and a feel, often different from that of the song : Like different colored threads entwined to produce a heart-warming creation.

Can't type anymore .. Too ecstatic

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Here and back again

Aaah .. A really long time ..

I'm currently in hospet, k'taka .. My baby cousin naming ceremony tomo .. Gonna get to dress up .. Hopefully, there are some appropriate watchers to watch. There's gonna be an open bar too but i'm quite sure not a drop ll go down my throat .. I'm the hosting family n damn, i'm a girl

The past few months have been quite eventful as far as friends are considered .. Picked a few up .. Dropped a couple .. Things are going awesome with msk ! .. Plus, my birthday went by in mid october .. Got a samsung star mobile phone from mom and a sexy apple itouch from my guy .. Good ppl i have in my life

Let me let u know that i'm gonna post regularly from now on .. Got a pretty stable internet connection at last .. Chal i'm bored now

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Great Transition There

Disclaimer : The article does not advocate ANYthing.

TASMAC (Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corp) controls the sale of any kind of alcohol in Tamil Nadu. Anyone who wants to set up a business of selling liqour will have to obtain a license from tasmac, including pubs. Every drop of booze is marketed by the board.

TN went from banning alcohol to regulating booze by tasmac. Great transition there. The projected objective for this action was to reduce deaths n alcohol related fatalities by consumption of untested / country alcohol. But the picture is very different indeed.

The turnover of tasmac as estimated in 2007-2008 was 10,000 crores INR. Yes, i do appreciate the heavy taxes levied. But no price tag is too unaffordable for a man who guzzles down booze like water. One can see tasmac retail outlets in the most inappropriate of places. These include Bus Stations, pedestrian infested roads, etc.

And let me not get your imagination to go too far. These stores look so horrid that one wouldn't even touch a bottle bought from there. Their boards are a discreet dirty green. The shop houses really cheap-looking alcohol. I'd want to paste a pic of one typical store just so u get the idea .. But then i'd dare not go anywhere near a store ! One of my friend once described a tasmac-run bar. He said,"The place was so damp, eery .. I was scared when some drunken bastard would come hit me!!!" ..

Wondering why ? Cos tasmac caters only to the low-income group. People who can hardly or not afford alcohol. Men who consume booze to show how manly they are by later beating up women in their home. Tasmac was handed the alcohol regulation in order to help the stinky situation of the poor. But no, all it has done is increasing profits by over a half - By achieving monopoly. If at all their aim was to control alcohol-induced harassment cases, then why allow a "wine shop" by every street corner ? .. LOL .. Misunderstood intentions ..

One section of the society who suffer a disadvantage are those who are rich enough, provide for their families, drink responsibly. Purchasing premium liquor in Tamil Nadu is virtually impossible. Though good liquor is served in select hotels, it is priced manifold times ! This almost clearly shows what tasmac aimed at was not "regulation" but just more money.

Yes, I've heard a few few shops have opened in Chennai which sell good liquor ("good" by tasmac standards), But then well-to-do people live outside Chennai too. Sigh ..

Says someone in a forum--"There has been news about making some of the TASMAC shops more comfortable. Well, comfortable, even --- currently they are just road-side counters without even a chair. But I think they will continue to be places for a heap of guys to stop and get drunk before driving their bikes home to beat their wives..."

Is it Sad ?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Excited Minds

I have had Kalam's book "Ignited minds" for about four years now .. Never red beyond a meagre 50 pages .. Anyways this post has nothing to do with Kalam's work ..

If u can remember, i've already done a post on sexuality and india in "India promotes Homosexuality"
Link .. This is another one under the same broad taboo-ed genre ! .. Hmmm .. so msk, the other day was telling me of an article he read in India Today .. Read it here

I also happen to watch this highly sordid french movie yest called "irreversible" .. For me, personally, sexual assault always has sounded very alien .. Having been in the company of decent people all my life, it is very difficult to imagine what rape is like.

Dictionaries define rape as sex without either partner's consent .. It is quite hard to imagine how u could hump someone while they're screaming and howling with pain .. Sounds very non-sexual to me !! .. It is pure exploitation imo .. u might hate me for this, but i believe that a rape experience, at some point, will be taken into a victim's stride and life might go on whn the trauma ebbs. The worst case is murdering the person u just exploited. Not only do u traumatize the person u raped, but u also take away his / her right to live !

Can't talk anymore .. really

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

As Dumb as This May Sound

Hi .. First day of third sem .. Very vetti in college .. Now i feel i should've continued the bloody Maverick and Mildcube series a little longer .. Wasn't it fun .. I thought so ..
The prof who handles thermal engg course for us seems one hell of a bloke ! .. Not a doubt ... He's an iitm btech alumni ! .. MS from univ of NY .. Very interesting and accommodating .. Only problem is, he may be religious .. he is obviously spiritual .. Don't know what apathyists like me should do when he asks us to pray in class !

Hmmm .. I should start taking college n course work a bit seriously now .. First year was a very lazy passing .. And honestly, the weather is not too bad here .. What more i got a new dressing table at my room :D .. Mom bought it for me ..

I also think that this sem is going to be different .. In almost every way possible .. Hopefully it's fulfilling by december .. lol .. I have another forty-five minutes now .. No idea what to do .. Can't keep typing crap like this anymore .. Will blog soon !

Monday, June 22, 2009

Maverick and Mildcube III

Hi ! .. This ll mostly be the post that ll seal the .. say .. the trilogy ..

Let's take it from where we left .. Tenth grade wasn't very memorable .. classwise or our friendship wise .. Then enter eleventh grade .. She took bio .. while i took cs .. The fun started only in twelfth standard where we discovered how good friends we could be.

While all the other girls would spend every break to study study study .. We'd stand by this old almond tree and chat the time away .. Gayu was even ready to ignore her bio teach ;) .. She ll tell u what happened .. After that that teacher HATED me .. Mrs.Bio who thought gayahtri was a genius in life sciences, thought i was ruining her student .. muhaha .. Then came the possibly most relieving ceremony in our lives .. The school farewell ... Man how happy we were .. To finally get away from this hell-hole .. fourteen years had been too much ..

Enter college .. We regularly call each other .. Talk .. Gossip .. Discuss .. Kid around .. It's been memorable and fun .. As gayathri puts it aptly .. "If a friend means something to you, you ll keep in touch .. there doesnt occur the point of missing them" ..

Maverick's post here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maverick and Mildcube II

The E.T. Era, The Novel Era

Just in case you were thinking of the Extra Terrestrial - E.T. .. then you're so wrong. Because it is E.T. = English teacher .. Why ? .. continue to read .. you will know why ..

So, this was back in ninth grade when this beautiful 50ish lady happened to be our English teacher. She, to be honest was the very definition of "timeless beauty".. "Gracefully aged"
.. and as you could expect, gayathri n me were really fascinated with the english language ( i read John Keats and gayathri would read anything that came her way ) and readily got fascinated by the E.T. too. The E.T. was entertaining, mysterious, annoyingly graceful. I loved the way her very short otherwise dark hair carried these very smart streaks of grey right above her forehead .. LOL .. I wonder if i could bring myself to describe any other woman this well, without a hint of jealousy.. So much so, gayathri even got a poem written on her in french by her brother !!

For we, ninth graders, the E.T. was what we wanted to be when we hit 50 .. Knowing well, that would be fantastic given are non-lean bodies ;) .. As we didn't expect, E.T. turned unfriendly soon as the year progressed. She deliberately ignored the both of us. She was so sarcastic with us to the point it seared our hearts (cmon .. some dramatization) .. Towards the end of the term, we realized, we had been fools .. When i say we had suffered at her hands, believe me, we did.

Somewhere around this time in eighth-ninth grade, very much taken by enid blyton .. mark twain .. charles dickens .. nancy drew .. hardy boys, both of us successively hit upon the idea of being a novelist. I remember how we kept thinking of western names for our characters n how anita, our friend wrote the names in a scrap of paper .. I still have the paper with me .. lol

both of us, if u remember right, wanted to write mysteries / thrillers .. My protogonist would be Ken.. Hers was Jennifer jones .. The most pathetic part is, i actually wrote one whole novel (if u can call it that .. Even my guy wouldn't read it ! ) I'm tired now .. Check gayu's post at her blog

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maverick and Mildcube I

Hi .. Gayathri a.k.a. Maverick and I have been very good friends for the past years now .. We thought it might be a good idea to make a series of posts dedicated to our long and quite eventful friendship.

Both of us (as cheesy as this may sound) were classmates in kindergarten. But as four-year olds we knew little of being friends etc etc. Years passed by as Gayathri continued to dwell in some niche in my mind; now, just as a name. I'm able to recall one time in fifth grade when almost the whole class was pestering her to tell them what her mom's name was ! .. What the .. And she was refusing to utter a syllable .. I wondered why .. But bein as aloof as i used to be, i chucked the whole matter .. Then i don't remember when, but she told me her mom's name and added, "Please don't tell it to anyone." -- -- (No .. Dw .. Her mom's a normal doc .. Gayu did make a big deal then .. But if u ask her, she ll have a thorough justicfication for her .. erm .. )

My first lasting impression of Gayathri was this real Victorian snob .. lol .. Let me tell you how she helped me draw that conclusion.
One day at school during the break, in eighth grade :
Me : Hey .. You don't have a bad structure u know .. You don't wear jeans ?
Gayu : (head held high) I know what to wear and what looks good on me
My thoughts : (what the ..... )

Another day while discussing music :
ME : I loooove Ricky Martin
Gayu : I listen to ABBA. They're really good.
My thoughts : Geez .. In what times are we living ? 80's ?? .. Girl .. Do u know there;s stuff like pop ? rock ??

So, we became friends .. Friends with a lot of differences .. Check her blog for her version.
More to come .. Ciao !

Friday, June 12, 2009

The perfect execution

I counted today .. I have exactly 7 black tees' now .. The black tee week will start anytime soon.

So .. Life .. Death .. Most of the time, i feel life is under-rated and death, over-rated. The other day, i asked a friend what she'd do if she found her boyfriend cheating on her. She quite fervently said, "I'd kill him. And i'd kill the other woman too." I asked her why she'd want to kill them to which she replied that people like them didn't deserve to live.

Right. Bad people (cheating, manipulating, scathing, scheming included.) may not deserve to live. So what do they deserve ? Is it death ? Death may be perceived as most severe of all tortures / punishments but i prefer to disagree. Which is more painful .. kicking the shins of a live person or a dead one ? Which is more damaging .. Robbing a live person's assets or a dead one's ?

I believe that suffering while still alive is far worse than dying. Seconds of intense pain in the end is shades better than years of pain. Many times, when people are hurt, they seem to resort to killing their offender, not realizing that they could be dealt with, legally and actually be able to kill the person while he is still alive.

LOL .. I sound like i'm one big scheming *i**ch, don't i ? .. Anyways, the whole point of this post is that, all of us, at any intense moment of negativity must always stay on the legal side of things.

Perfect Crime may be one which gives u minimum risk of being accused. The perfect execution, however, imo is the one where the law helps you do it.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Feel like a millionaire

Feeling a little bad that i haven't blogged for sometime now :(

Last weekend, i wanted buy parmesan .. it was priced at 480 bucks for thin thin slice .. No .. I'm not that rich .. Still, i looked at the package and it was made in kodaikanal !! .. Man .. so much for some aged cheese from a hill station in a tropical, non-cheese eating country ? .. no thanks !

I've been making some really yummy non-indian dishes these hols :D

Thursday, June 4, 2009

What was i thinking ?

What was i thinking when i vigorously typed out my gmail password in the post title text box ? .. Have been pretty jobless these days actually .. Going to pondy this weekend .. should buy a cool bathing suit .. searching for outlets now, actually .. has been a spot of humour for us lately .. I'm a standardised 21 f b'lore .. msk oscillates between a 21 m india and a 19 f .. baar is 16 f nice(france) .. i forgot what gayu likes being.. lol .. Anyways all of it is a lot of fun .. You should check it out too ...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hey .. I turn to you !

Love the song .. LOVE it !

Anyways my sem exams are under-way .. Will be home again in another week .. Will post hopelessly from then on .. Mean while, enjoy the song !

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The beggar's disciple

Yes .. Yes .. It is me .. The disciple that is .. Today this guy came along our street and kept playing this annoyingly weird instro which pretty much sounded like rubbing a wet hand against glass .. This 'musical' lasted for about 10 mins .. At the end of which i was actually rocking my head to-n-fro to the rythmic 'playing' .. Now I'm thinking how it'd be if i actually went to him and asked him to teach me how to play that supposed instro ..

Chucking that, i got this sorta uncomfy request on orkut which read, "
hi priyanka m ur junior ...........nd i like ur style so mchhhhhhhh...hope u accept me" .. I didn't know whether to smile or flinch .. Well i did both .. But what i found weird was this : I practically hated my school .. Was immensely happy when it at last came to an end .. i'm in touch with like 2-3 people from my school now, some times you just cannot believe that the fact of u hating ur school has little impact of what people think of you .. Even when u no more exist in that place / circle .. It's sorta nice .. But then again, i am like anybody .. It weirdly feels unfair to have my persona being appreciated .. When all throughout my life, most found it weird n unacceptable

And btw .. In the blogger posting page, the icon which lets y add an external link always looks like a green frog to me with bulging eyes .. hmmm

And one more thing .. I have this very unusual style of blogging where each paragraph in my posts not only add more ideas but completely unrelated ones =)) .. But i find this coming on slowly into my convo's with people .. Sometimes topics change every minute .. Annoying to few .. But i think it's quite funny ..

Anyways .. ciao !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is too good but true :)

>> My guy saying i have a very appropriate n good sense of dressing :D
>> Can't get the song "Rehna Tu" from Delhi06 outta my mind .. awesome !
>> I've almost lost all my face-fat .. Face looking much more structured n toned :)
>> The people i enjoy hanging out with are the most unlikeliest given my peers' imagination. But then, i don't give a damn !

P.S. :Sometimes, living through a difficult time, perceiving each and every one of those grueling moments, will see you come through as a better person. Happened to me. I'm even a little grateful. Most of the inner battles n doubts in my mind have come to rest. I'm much happier.
I Feel Lucky

Sunday, March 15, 2009

NFS is Sexist !

I'm an ardent lover of NFS ! I love being followed by police cars ! But then .. after all these years, i realise that NFS is sexist ! Man .. As if we didnt have enough of that already .. It feels really weird when they say "Lose the race and your girl is mine" .. Girl ? MY girl ? WTF .. They honestly honestly should do something about this ! Why not ask me if i'm a dude or dudette when i'm creating my profile ? .. Then I'd get to hear something like "Lose the race and your guy is mine" .. Ahem ahem .. That sounds weird now .. like that racer guy and my guy are gay .. yeeks .. ok chuck

I've been living in this locality for about 4.5 months now .. everyday i pass this petty bakery which which reads something like "pekkri" written in tamil (You see.. tamil has no 'b' sound) .. This, everyday, would bring a stupid guffawish smirk to my face .. Cos "pekri" in kannada means an utter fool ... Now cmon .. How does one name his own shop "Fool" .. LOL .. Now i know why Sony and Samsung had to go that extra mile so i don't laugh at them !

And i finished reading Ayn Rand's "The Fountain Head" and "Atlas Shrugged" in the reverse order .. Liked "Atlas Shrugged" more .. May be cos Dagny was more appealing then Dominique .. And interestingly, It's Dagny and Dominique and it's Rearden and Roark .. Pure co-incidence, i promise ya !

Monday, February 23, 2009

India Promotes Homosexuality

Yeah .. Yeah .. Yeah .. Just today someone told me that homosexuality isn't legal in India. But then, when did legality count here. With India's rich cultural heritage beautifully portrayed in movies like "Water" and India's growing economy like in the "Slumdog Millionaire", I'm quite shocked by what i've been observing lately !!

So .. Anyways, assume a boy and a girl go walking on the road .. they stop and exchange a good kiss .. Mostly they ll be attacked by the moral police .. Why do they do this ? .. Why is it sooo difficult for them to just go about doing their business ?

Is kissing ? an expression of love, wrong ? obscene ? When these wretched hypocrites go abt smooching their 1+ wives in respective bedrooms ? Yuck .. Whatever .. But there's just one thing i'm curious about : Why do they indulge in moral policing ? What is it that strikes them "disgusting" enough ? I thought of a few possible reasons ..
>> Their wives would never kiss them in public in fear of being seen with a pair of pig-lips !
>> He's never got to kiss anyone .. gone humping first thing, always i guess !
>> He's plain jealous that not a hag looked at him when he was 20 !
>> His wife(s) is a prude and has taken up celibacy !
>> He's plain jobless !

Honestly, if i saw a couple doing it on the road side, at the most i ll walk by with a amused look on my face .. cmon .. live porn .. where's it not welcome ? ;)
[No .. i don't watch porn .. it disinterests me]

And yeah .. coming back to the actual point, all this makes me think, deep down, India somehow in some unimaginable angle is promoting homosexuality ! .. My friends n me can't stop thinking the vast possiblities of erm ... in college hostels .. twosomes .. threesomes.. polysomes .. (did u know .. some of the rooms in my col has as many as 10 people in a single room .. WOW .. imagine that ! .. A good rainbow party they ll throw for themselves ;) .. )

However merciless or grouse this may sound to you, this is how our minds think .. and i don't give a frickin shit ! .. They don't mind two girls holding the other's hand and walking on the road .. They think it's harmless friendship for life .. friendship ? .. Hmmm .. Muhahaha .. !! ..

Gone are the days when u talked to no one of the opposite sex and u were talked of as a chaste and well-brought piece of shit .. Today, if you are a guy and u dont talk to girls, and don't have a girlfriend either .. then there may very well be a group of people thinking you are a sure shot gay !

Friday, February 6, 2009

Days of the Year aren't jealous of Feb 14 anymore :D

I honestly don't get it .. People say : put nothing in paper, cos it may be held against you .. India may be one of the rare few countries where a 80-yr old with more than 3 wives is elected s the Chief Minister .. Or nincompoop who's had more than 50 film releases, starts a political party on his own .. WHAT THE FUCK !!

But if a guy who is unmarried is with an unmarried girl and roams on the streets or hols her hand .. or dines in a restaurant, he is gonna be forced to marry her .. wait wait wait .. Only on Feb 14 .. right .. How dumb can these people get ? .. It's funny if u see it my way .. Don't they understand that people who date on Feb 14 will date on any other day as well .. So what's with the whole Valentine's Day stigma ?

Feb 14 is receiving extra extra attention in India ! .. Cos it's an understood taboo .. Just like sex .. Now people wonder why it's such a taboo and end up getting AIDS (2.5 million is not too big a number, is it ?) .. Since we very well know how reliable law-enforcement is in India, couples ll definitely prefer shifting their Feb 14 plans to another date .. Meaning Feb 14 will lose it's status in India but the dating will go unabated .. So good news for the Other Days of the Year .. Feb 14 will now get as much less attention as you guys get .. dont you worry honeys' .. Big daddy - culture conservationist has taken care of it !

Have fun ! .. cya !! .. And Just a teaser for Mr.Feb6 :

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mosquitoes commit suicide in My wash basin

Ya .. I woke up today .. i reluctantly thrust my toothbrush into my mouth and i see about a dozen mosquitoes lying in my basin .. all dead .. Man .. what should've caused those guys to commit suicide .. Anyways .. who cares
And the other day, msk n me saw some pigeons mating !! .. (i say "some" and not "two" since pigeons are not governed by fidelity laws .. are they luckier ? .. hmmm ) .. Cha .. There are no lizards in my room .. One of my favorite pastimes is seeing them doing it .. sigh ..
Actually, i'm quite happy today .. my col has declared hols one-on-one .. leaving tom for home .. i heard TN is doing this as a sign of i-dont-know for the unrest in Sri Lanka .. There are three assignments yet to be completed .. but then who gives a shit ? .. thanks TN !