Monday, February 2, 2009

Mosquitoes commit suicide in My wash basin

Ya .. I woke up today .. i reluctantly thrust my toothbrush into my mouth and i see about a dozen mosquitoes lying in my basin .. all dead .. Man .. what should've caused those guys to commit suicide .. Anyways .. who cares
And the other day, msk n me saw some pigeons mating !! .. (i say "some" and not "two" since pigeons are not governed by fidelity laws .. are they luckier ? .. hmmm ) .. Cha .. There are no lizards in my room .. One of my favorite pastimes is seeing them doing it .. sigh ..
Actually, i'm quite happy today .. my col has declared hols one-on-one .. leaving tom for home .. i heard TN is doing this as a sign of i-dont-know for the unrest in Sri Lanka .. There are three assignments yet to be completed .. but then who gives a shit ? .. thanks TN !


yash gupta said...

haha! what a title.

BTW. what do you think is the funniest animal to watch them do it?

Ken said...

I guess it ll have to be pigs .. they are sooo fat .. Watching ants will be interesting tho ..