Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Excited Minds

I have had Kalam's book "Ignited minds" for about four years now .. Never red beyond a meagre 50 pages .. Anyways this post has nothing to do with Kalam's work ..

If u can remember, i've already done a post on sexuality and india in "India promotes Homosexuality"
Link .. This is another one under the same broad taboo-ed genre ! .. Hmmm .. so msk, the other day was telling me of an article he read in India Today .. Read it here

I also happen to watch this highly sordid french movie yest called "irreversible" .. For me, personally, sexual assault always has sounded very alien .. Having been in the company of decent people all my life, it is very difficult to imagine what rape is like.

Dictionaries define rape as sex without either partner's consent .. It is quite hard to imagine how u could hump someone while they're screaming and howling with pain .. Sounds very non-sexual to me !! .. It is pure exploitation imo .. u might hate me for this, but i believe that a rape experience, at some point, will be taken into a victim's stride and life might go on whn the trauma ebbs. The worst case is murdering the person u just exploited. Not only do u traumatize the person u raped, but u also take away his / her right to live !

Can't talk anymore .. really