Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is too good but true :)

>> My guy saying i have a very appropriate n good sense of dressing :D
>> Can't get the song "Rehna Tu" from Delhi06 outta my mind .. awesome !
>> I've almost lost all my face-fat .. Face looking much more structured n toned :)
>> The people i enjoy hanging out with are the most unlikeliest given my peers' imagination. But then, i don't give a damn !

P.S. :Sometimes, living through a difficult time, perceiving each and every one of those grueling moments, will see you come through as a better person. Happened to me. I'm even a little grateful. Most of the inner battles n doubts in my mind have come to rest. I'm much happier.
I Feel Lucky

Sunday, March 15, 2009

NFS is Sexist !

I'm an ardent lover of NFS ! I love being followed by police cars ! But then .. after all these years, i realise that NFS is sexist ! Man .. As if we didnt have enough of that already .. It feels really weird when they say "Lose the race and your girl is mine" .. Girl ? MY girl ? WTF .. They honestly honestly should do something about this ! Why not ask me if i'm a dude or dudette when i'm creating my profile ? .. Then I'd get to hear something like "Lose the race and your guy is mine" .. Ahem ahem .. That sounds weird now .. like that racer guy and my guy are gay .. yeeks .. ok chuck

I've been living in this locality for about 4.5 months now .. everyday i pass this petty bakery which which reads something like "pekkri" written in tamil (You see.. tamil has no 'b' sound) .. This, everyday, would bring a stupid guffawish smirk to my face .. Cos "pekri" in kannada means an utter fool ... Now cmon .. How does one name his own shop "Fool" .. LOL .. Now i know why Sony and Samsung had to go that extra mile so i don't laugh at them !

And i finished reading Ayn Rand's "The Fountain Head" and "Atlas Shrugged" in the reverse order .. Liked "Atlas Shrugged" more .. May be cos Dagny was more appealing then Dominique .. And interestingly, It's Dagny and Dominique and it's Rearden and Roark .. Pure co-incidence, i promise ya !