Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is too good but true :)

>> My guy saying i have a very appropriate n good sense of dressing :D
>> Can't get the song "Rehna Tu" from Delhi06 outta my mind .. awesome !
>> I've almost lost all my face-fat .. Face looking much more structured n toned :)
>> The people i enjoy hanging out with are the most unlikeliest given my peers' imagination. But then, i don't give a damn !

P.S. :Sometimes, living through a difficult time, perceiving each and every one of those grueling moments, will see you come through as a better person. Happened to me. I'm even a little grateful. Most of the inner battles n doubts in my mind have come to rest. I'm much happier.
I Feel Lucky


yash gupta said...

that's sweet. infact, sugar overload! i just got diabetes! lol.

Maverick said...

i agree with your P.S. :) the one thing that ppl thought to be one of the lousiest things that happened to me is actually the best thing to have happened... it was tough but i wouldn't have had it any other way.. :)

Ken said...

@ yash : Too sugary eh .. erm .. erm

@gayu : i know what you're talking about