Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rather Indispensable

Ranked and categorized.

Albums (it's not often that i like all the songs in an album)
#1 Opeth - Damnation
#2 Travis - 12 Memories
#3 Fleetwood Mac - Rumors
#4 U2 - Joshua Tree
#5 Moby - Play

Tracks (Not a day goes by when i don't listen to the following)
The Beatles - Across the universe
Funkadelic - Maggot brain
U2 - With or without you 
Coldplay - Trouble
Simon and Garfunkel - For emily, whenever i may find her
Iron Maiden - Dance of death
Metallica - Unforgiven III
Paul McCartney - This never happened before
Billy Joel - Piano man
Priscilla Ahn - Dream
Aerosmith - Dream on
KK - Pyaar ke pal
Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik - Pehla nasha

Pointless post, I guess. Shrug.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


For weeks now, the world I'm regularly exposed to has been mourning the end of our stint as undergraduate students. 

I, for one, feel nothing. Back in first year, I imagined that I'd feel boundless joy when time, at last, came for me to graduate. That is how much i detested my college and alien I felt. As semesters rolled by, the active hate turned passive and later was replaced by nonchalance. I hung back and did my own thing, never cared enough to conform, mostly kept out of trouble. 

What i completely fail to understand is what is it that people are going to miss so much that it makes them inconsolably miserable. One will always stay in touch with those who matters. Yes, the hours-long chats and everyday companionship will have to be done away with but isn't moving on inevitable as one advances years? Unless one has already hit the highest possible point in their life and all that is in store is set to go only downhill. As for me, I strongly believe the best time of my life is yet to come.

Of course, there are those who cannot even for a second not pretend that they don't take life seriously; As if they're permanently euphoric on pot without ever having smelled the aromatic leaves. More than adequate sleep seems to top the "I will miss __" list. I cannot help the chuckling in my head thinking what fun it'd be if they ever develop a condition where continuous sleep exceeding a few minutes can cause their heart to stop. No, I'm not sadistic. I just like to amuse myself with the occasional reverie when all else fails to do so.

A little out of context but here's a quote from House, M.D. -- Kutner: "When your life sucks from the beginning, there's nowhere to go but up."