Saturday, September 29, 2007

change yourself in two hours !!

first thing!.. i'm not promoting the latest age-defying cream or a “sauna-belt”!!

this post is for my friends.. those who havent read up the book “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull” (yet).. the book itself is tiny..and with some really amazing seagull photographs.. the actual text can be finished up in under two hours!! and believe me.. its kinda power-packed!.. like.. rather than saying “you ll be a changed perosn by the end of the book”..its more fitting to say “you ll be a changed perosn in under two hours”..(wow! i even sound like those tele-shopping ppl)

so..Jon is a seagull.. young(and hopefully handsome ;) ).. who wants to live life beyond the ordinary chores which enable one to merely survive..gifted with a lot of grit and optimism.. he gets outcast by his clan (or whatever you call it) when he tries to tell his own ppl abt how it was possible even for the seagulls to soar like the falcons and glide like the eagles..(btw i'm not very sure as to which glides and which sorry if i'm wrong!!).. So this guy..all his life betters himself at flying.. and then reaches himself beyond the bindings of space and time..and helps other ppl(seagulls) also discover this.. and according to him, the only law is one that sets one free (nice outlook)...its like the farther you push yourself..the more you will discover yourself and also in the process.. realise the real Jonathan that lives in each one of us!!.. nice read really..

and i guess each one who reads this book can and WILL identify with Jon in one way or the other.. for me the most striking similarity b/n me and Jon that i observed was our ability to let go.. the ability to regard things beyond the worldly constraints of time and space.. and the dawning of the truth that nothing is forever..nothing's indispensible in this world.. one must move on.. not that its the only way.. but yes!..its possibly the best way :).. thats the beauty!!

having read almost all of Paulo coelho's works.. i was dubious as to how much impact this book would really have on me.. after reading.. i realised.. it was different in its own way.. where as Coelho's narration comes with a lot of mystic in it.. Bach presents things jus the way they are..its refreshing!!.. bottom line: all you paulo coelho readers..this book is definitely worth a read!! :D

Qouting God-knows-who : “ the sign of a good book is that it changes each time you read it” :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saint Peter prefers the Titanic to Windows OS!

Bill Gates dies and goes to heaven, where Saint Peter gives him a smart two-bedroom house with a pretty garden and a tennis court. Pleased with his lot, Bill quickly settles into his afterlife.
One day he is out walking when he bumps into a man wearing a fine, tailored suit.
“That's really nice,” says Bill. “where did you get it?
“Actually,” says the man, “i was given 50 of these, plus two mansions, a yacht, a golf course and four Rolls-Royces.”
“Wow, wre you a priest or a doctor healing the sick?” asks Bill.
“NO, I was the captain of the Titanic.”
Bill storms off to see Saint Peter. “ How come the captain of a sunken ship gets all that while I, the inventor of the Windows operating system, get a crummy little house?” he asks.
“We use Windows too,” says Saint Peter. “And the Titanic only crashed once. “


now neither am i against thw Windows ppl nor am i the spokesperson for linux..
i'm jus a beholder.. lol..

Saturday, September 15, 2007


One thing I wake up every morning (or for that matter..any time of the day!!) and don’t want to hear at any cost is..”my files/folders have gone corrupt/missing/inaccessible”..this happened a couple weeks ago..since my dear dear sweet :P sister also works on the comp..i usually password-protect my folders that contain my everything fine evening..i logged on cos’ I had to mail these codes to a friend ..and I double-click the file and the enter pasword dialog opens up..and I enter my passwd.. ******* …but woah!! This stupid message comes up next..”wrong password”!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf is this??..i tried ..i tried my butt off to open the godamn folder but to no avail!!!.. I had to shut down my PC to stop myself from getting all frust.. i hadnt made a backup..neither online nor off..then i happened to log in the same night for something else..and wanted to give one more vain try to the folder.. as usual.. I punched the passwd.. this time with a little more precision..and LO!!!..the stupid stupid thing opens with no trouble at all.. I was baffled /stupified / flabbergasted (whatever)…I tried to understand / figure out/ do something to find out why things had happened the way they had.. I mean there had to be an explanation.. I mean …this time ok..i got back my codes and stuff back ..what if next time I password-protected some other really sensitive doc.. and things really acted-up!!

It happened again ..yesterday.. I was punching away my passwd as lazily as ever..and access was denied!! DAMN!! I also happened to sign into Gtalk at the same time.. and at that time the ever friendly, ever irritating windows balloon sprang up in the bg.. “ CAPS LOCK IS ON. . .” jaake’ dimag ki batthi jali!! lol!!

Dis blog!

2 reasons why i'm writing up this blog:

*jus like that :p
*to show off my superfluously good english(which of course serves no good to me or others :P)

i'm gonna post stuff whenever :

*i really am SICK of working for IIT........( which of course will nvr happen :) :) :) )
*i'm sickeningly tired of life and ppl....... (which again will nvr happen)
*i'm sitting hapless/friendless/jobless .....................(i KNOW this ll nvr happen)
*i hav sthng to tell thats jus way too hard to!! (u ll see there's no such stuff n this is jus “hype”)

hmm!! by the look of it..i may nvr post even a single blog going by the above “criteria”.. but lol!! i know i will.. cos all of these WILL surface..if not in full magnitude!!!!

BEHOLD!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!