Monday, April 21, 2008

Toying with innocence

Its now in all medical papers, that a human being now is categorised a “child” only till the age of 11 .. meaning, a kid is not a kid anymore once he / she is 12.

Last week i accompanied my mom to the local shandy market to buy some groceries (cos the only super market we have here, sucks !! ) ..

one scene: four guys were standing nearby .. they'd almost pass for decent blokes .. but no !! .. a small girl not more than 10 was going around the place with a pot of water, when these guys ask up the girl for water ..

then a series of statements follow ( in tamil) :

guy #1: (drinking the water) oh, your water is really good
(girl smiles, and looks down)

guy#2: why dont you place the pot down? It must be heavy
girl: (blushing) no, its ok (obviously happy that some stranger 'uncle' was so kind to her)

guy #3: do you always go around this place?

... ...
... ... and i had to walk away, because the fourth guy was ogling me !! lol

The fact was that, the little girl didnt even know she was being toyed with !!

What basically is flirting? .. When both the parties involved know that they are toying and being toyed with .. But some men (read : sexual predators) in their desperation or psychotic state swoop so low as to abuse small kids ..

gone is the time when we, as kids used to roam around carefreely in the streets .. we have times now, where my mom is reluctant to let my small sis play in the street .. ha ..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

MTV ticker

For those who dont know, MTV (music television) has been airing a typical ticker tape the lower base of its screen. Having watched the all-serious ticker of BBC all these years, i was pleasantly surprised at the hilarious crap they present in the ticker ..

# one such "news" on world health day / non-honking day :
"The world observes the world health day and the non-honking day ..
So, dont be horny, be healthy."
# " dont starve yourselves, says Urmila to young girls." .. "young girls wonder who Urmila is."
# " A youth in berhampur was caught in a cyber crime case" .. " We are happy to knwo there's internet in berhampur. "
# " Is IPL and MNS not the same? "
So much is the rising "fame" of the ticker, someone opened up an orkut community for it .. hehe ..
the community was created on April 15, and already has some 270 members to it .. lol
check it here:
honestly this ticker is one very cool thing that has happened to television in a long long looooong time :P

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hmmm .. .. ..

Well i have been observing, that i've made no post for quite some time now, that make any real sense .. (as if the earlier ones did :| ) ..
anyways, i just want to tell you that this post shall follow the latest trend :)
so, crap from ken again :)
tk, i cant think of crap now .. anyways, for the record, my jee is over and out.. now 'over' and 'out' can have hell lot meanings . but i'm not elaborating .. just that i could've done better :( .. but i definitely want to give it another try next year .. sigh ..
but then, this is just the start of the servings of my share of reality bite ..lot more to come ..
>> getting into a college,
>> try to stay sane there,
>> get a decent job which ll help me turn into an insane spendthrift,
>> save up enough for an mba (which actually means cutting down on my shopping sprees ),
>> then marry the guy i love with(out) my ppl's support,
>> sleeping with him (and i DONT mean zzzzs .. )
>> having kids (who ll grow up to be boisterous ( like me ) .. )
>> pay for their exuberant 'maintanence'
>> get them to university
>> get them off my husband and my life .. (get them married that is lol )
>> go on a world tour with my love
>> die
>> see him bury me in the backyard
>> build a taj mahal over my grave (a small one will do)
.. :D i'm so glad ;)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tagged .. !! ..

Tagged by karthik ..

A signifies my : acid tongue
B my baby : k-pup
C cake or coffee : cake .. (make it chocolate cake)
D Daddy's girl : not always
E Essential object used everyday : My glasses, My smile :P
F favorite food : palak paneer
G girl side to me : loving lipsticks, my lip balm .. bothers someone ;)
H hometown : Hospet, Karnataka
I favorite pastime : being idle .. (to go just blank !! )
J i jive at : Enrique, RW , Madonna
K for : Ken .. lol
L Last desire before i die :
# they give me a decent funeral

# my husband bulids a taj mahal for me in the backyard :)
M i'm mushy about : my sister .. its a pity she doesnt know :( ..
N i can never : lose faith in other's abilities
O old or new : old souvenirs and new 'stuff ' .. hehe
P Phobias : raised voices, lizards
Q Quote :
# If you can't be loved and feared at the same time, then you'd rather be feared.
# If you're not fired with enthusiasm, then you will be fired with enthusiasm
# What is life, if not to make it better for each other ?
# You can't say to the Spring : "come and stay as long as possible" ..
you can only say " come now and bless me with your hope, and stay as long as you can."
R Reasons to laugh : jokes
S simple or scandolous : neither
T Tag : Gayathri
U Unknown fact about me : i HATE rice
V for : Vendetta :P
W worst habit : sarcasm
X -rays i've had : once when i was 3 .. to detect lung congestions .. lol
Y riding a yak : scary experience :(
Z zzzzzzz ... : ready for it anytime :D

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Playboy Mansion

The music from the famous rock band, U2 had always featured in each and every playlist of mine. In addtion to the GREAT music they bring, they also carry an underlying meaning, often a deep one .. the song i post here is "The playboy mansion" from the album "Pop" ..

If Coke is a mystery
Michael Jackson...History
If beauty is truth
And surgery the fountain of youth
What am I to do
Have I got the gift to get me through
The gates of that mansion

If OJ is more than a drink
And a Big Mac bigger than you think
If perfume is an obsession
And talk shows, confession
What have we got to lose
Another push and we'll be through
The gates of that mansion

I never bought a Lotto ticket
I never parked in anyone's space
The banks feel like cathedrals
I guess casinos took their place
Love, come on down
Don't wake her, she'll come around

Chance is a kind of religion
Where you're damned for plain hard luck
I never did see that movie
I never did read that bookLove, come on down
Let my numbers come around

Don't know if I can hold on
Don't know if I'm that strong
Don't know if I can wait that long
'Til the colours come flashing
And the lights go on

Then will there be no time for sorrow
Then will there be no time for shame
And though I can't say why
I know I've got to believe

We'll go driving in that pool
It's who you know that gets you through
The gates of the Playboy mansion
But they don't mention...the pain

Then will there be no time for sorrow
Then will there be no time for shame
Then will there be no time for sorrow
Then will there be no time for shame
-- --
Do we have to make it to the playboy mansion? .. is the price fair?
Truth is, no one cares ..