Saturday, April 19, 2008

MTV ticker

For those who dont know, MTV (music television) has been airing a typical ticker tape the lower base of its screen. Having watched the all-serious ticker of BBC all these years, i was pleasantly surprised at the hilarious crap they present in the ticker ..

# one such "news" on world health day / non-honking day :
"The world observes the world health day and the non-honking day ..
So, dont be horny, be healthy."
# " dont starve yourselves, says Urmila to young girls." .. "young girls wonder who Urmila is."
# " A youth in berhampur was caught in a cyber crime case" .. " We are happy to knwo there's internet in berhampur. "
# " Is IPL and MNS not the same? "
So much is the rising "fame" of the ticker, someone opened up an orkut community for it .. hehe ..
the community was created on April 15, and already has some 270 members to it .. lol
check it here:
honestly this ticker is one very cool thing that has happened to television in a long long looooong time :P

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