Monday, April 14, 2008

Hmmm .. .. ..

Well i have been observing, that i've made no post for quite some time now, that make any real sense .. (as if the earlier ones did :| ) ..
anyways, i just want to tell you that this post shall follow the latest trend :)
so, crap from ken again :)
tk, i cant think of crap now .. anyways, for the record, my jee is over and out.. now 'over' and 'out' can have hell lot meanings . but i'm not elaborating .. just that i could've done better :( .. but i definitely want to give it another try next year .. sigh ..
but then, this is just the start of the servings of my share of reality bite ..lot more to come ..
>> getting into a college,
>> try to stay sane there,
>> get a decent job which ll help me turn into an insane spendthrift,
>> save up enough for an mba (which actually means cutting down on my shopping sprees ),
>> then marry the guy i love with(out) my ppl's support,
>> sleeping with him (and i DONT mean zzzzs .. )
>> having kids (who ll grow up to be boisterous ( like me ) .. )
>> pay for their exuberant 'maintanence'
>> get them to university
>> get them off my husband and my life .. (get them married that is lol )
>> go on a world tour with my love
>> die
>> see him bury me in the backyard
>> build a taj mahal over my grave (a small one will do)
.. :D i'm so glad ;)


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

lol .. your entire life-plan in a platter .. haha ..

Ken said...

hmmm .. yeah ..