Friday, April 11, 2008

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A signifies my : acid tongue
B my baby : k-pup
C cake or coffee : cake .. (make it chocolate cake)
D Daddy's girl : not always
E Essential object used everyday : My glasses, My smile :P
F favorite food : palak paneer
G girl side to me : loving lipsticks, my lip balm .. bothers someone ;)
H hometown : Hospet, Karnataka
I favorite pastime : being idle .. (to go just blank !! )
J i jive at : Enrique, RW , Madonna
K for : Ken .. lol
L Last desire before i die :
# they give me a decent funeral

# my husband bulids a taj mahal for me in the backyard :)
M i'm mushy about : my sister .. its a pity she doesnt know :( ..
N i can never : lose faith in other's abilities
O old or new : old souvenirs and new 'stuff ' .. hehe
P Phobias : raised voices, lizards
Q Quote :
# If you can't be loved and feared at the same time, then you'd rather be feared.
# If you're not fired with enthusiasm, then you will be fired with enthusiasm
# What is life, if not to make it better for each other ?
# You can't say to the Spring : "come and stay as long as possible" ..
you can only say " come now and bless me with your hope, and stay as long as you can."
R Reasons to laugh : jokes
S simple or scandolous : neither
T Tag : Gayathri
U Unknown fact about me : i HATE rice
V for : Vendetta :P
W worst habit : sarcasm
X -rays i've had : once when i was 3 .. to detect lung congestions .. lol
Y riding a yak : scary experience :(
Z zzzzzzz ... : ready for it anytime :D

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