Thursday, September 9, 2010

Social Contract

"Social Contract" itself screams sarcasm, doesn't it? Human beings, by nature, are claimed to be social beings yet we have comfortably coined a contract that is set to regulate and supervise a face of human nature, which ideally should be spontaneous and uninhibited.

The world, in my opinion, would be far less complicated. How many times have you wished that an acquaintance just got straight to the point where he/she asks you for a favor without putting u thru mind-numbing exchanges of pleasantries? How many times i have wished that people just dropped the plastic smiles covering up their (sometimes illicit) agenda.

Many people i know follow the social contract almost unconsciously, like it were hard-wired into them. Can we think out of the box from time to time? Why do most of us so placidly dismiss simplified living that comes without the unnecessary layers to a very very teary onion?

I urge people to be more straight-forward, cut all the crap n trash talk and approach a person upfront with what you originally intend to. I believe you can come across as too strong or even impolite the first time but consequent interactions shall undo any damage done and may even bring you more respect than plastic smiles ever could.


I don't know if i made any sense in the above post. All the same, i'm a no-nonsense person, even if this post proves otherwise.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ten Words

Today afternoon, i just typed out ten random words as they came to me .. no cognitive process involved .. They are as: Ink blue, bad, hickey, outlaw, barn, vintage, scaffold, godfather, independent
G came up with: coral reef, kissing, machines obse, nails, shoes, ice cream, wet grass, money, pacman, books.
Pr came up with: God, drums, adler, sexy, fuck, jeans, underwear, nook, relax, bottle, pee, hard drive ##clean towel, wilson, space, fluctuation, shock, blast, collide, explode,combine, recover, head-on, nicaragua##

I don't know why i came up with this 'game' .. kinda fun tho .. Lately i've been oddly reading up on political strategies and latest is the concept of 'false flag' .. i picked up the interest from massive attack's "False Flags" .. Beautiful track .. Lyrics are as:

In city shoes
Of clueless blues
Pays the views
And no-mans news
Blades will fade from blood to sport
The heroin's cut these fuses short
Smokers rode a colonial pig
Drink and frame this pain i think
I'm melting silver poles my dear
You bleed your wings and then disappear
The moving scenes and pilot lights
Smithereens have got 'em scaling heights
Modern times come talk me down
And battle lines are drawn across this town
Parisian boys without your names
Ghetto stones instead of chains
Talk 'em down cause it's up in flames
And nothing's changed
Parisian boys without your names
Riot like 1968 again
The days of rage yeah nothing's changed
more pretty flames
In school i would just bite my tongue
And now your words they strike me dumb
The flags are false and they contradict
They point and click which wounds to lick
On avenues this christian breeze
Turns its heart to more needles please
Our eyes roll back and we beg for more
It frays this skin and then underscore
The case for war you spin and bleed
The cells you fill screensavers feed
The girls you breed the soaps that you write
The graceless charm of your gutter snipes
The moving scenes and suburbanites
And smithereens got 'em scaling heights
Modern times come talk me down
The battle lines are drawn across this town
English boys without your names
Ghetto stones instead of chains
Hearts and minds and u.s. Planes
Nothing's changed
And english boys without your names
Riot like the 1980's again
The days of rage yeah nothing's changed
More pretty flames