Thursday, September 9, 2010

Social Contract

"Social Contract" itself screams sarcasm, doesn't it? Human beings, by nature, are claimed to be social beings yet we have comfortably coined a contract that is set to regulate and supervise a face of human nature, which ideally should be spontaneous and uninhibited.

The world, in my opinion, would be far less complicated. How many times have you wished that an acquaintance just got straight to the point where he/she asks you for a favor without putting u thru mind-numbing exchanges of pleasantries? How many times i have wished that people just dropped the plastic smiles covering up their (sometimes illicit) agenda.

Many people i know follow the social contract almost unconsciously, like it were hard-wired into them. Can we think out of the box from time to time? Why do most of us so placidly dismiss simplified living that comes without the unnecessary layers to a very very teary onion?

I urge people to be more straight-forward, cut all the crap n trash talk and approach a person upfront with what you originally intend to. I believe you can come across as too strong or even impolite the first time but consequent interactions shall undo any damage done and may even bring you more respect than plastic smiles ever could.


I don't know if i made any sense in the above post. All the same, i'm a no-nonsense person, even if this post proves otherwise.


Karthik Manamcheri said...

first impressions are really hard to change (for good or for bad) .. so if you come out as a really strong person at first impression, then it's very difficult to change that impression if you want to be really nice and pleasant later .. so as well act positive in the first impression, so its easier if you want to make honest pleasantries later

Ken said...

well clinical studies show the so-called first impression can be upturned by seven consequent interactions. And if u ask me, a grim no-nonsense person can get more stuff done then someone who seems sweet but ain't all that sweet, really.