Monday, April 21, 2008

Toying with innocence

Its now in all medical papers, that a human being now is categorised a “child” only till the age of 11 .. meaning, a kid is not a kid anymore once he / she is 12.

Last week i accompanied my mom to the local shandy market to buy some groceries (cos the only super market we have here, sucks !! ) ..

one scene: four guys were standing nearby .. they'd almost pass for decent blokes .. but no !! .. a small girl not more than 10 was going around the place with a pot of water, when these guys ask up the girl for water ..

then a series of statements follow ( in tamil) :

guy #1: (drinking the water) oh, your water is really good
(girl smiles, and looks down)

guy#2: why dont you place the pot down? It must be heavy
girl: (blushing) no, its ok (obviously happy that some stranger 'uncle' was so kind to her)

guy #3: do you always go around this place?

... ...
... ... and i had to walk away, because the fourth guy was ogling me !! lol

The fact was that, the little girl didnt even know she was being toyed with !!

What basically is flirting? .. When both the parties involved know that they are toying and being toyed with .. But some men (read : sexual predators) in their desperation or psychotic state swoop so low as to abuse small kids ..

gone is the time when we, as kids used to roam around carefreely in the streets .. we have times now, where my mom is reluctant to let my small sis play in the street .. ha ..


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

its not only child abuse .. stalkers / sexual predators / perverts affect all ages in general .. and in our predominantly orthodox society the effects are magnified ..

yash gupta said...

I have had such encounters myself when I was younger. I don't remember it, my cousin who's about 3 years older, told me. She was walking with me down the street in her home-town, which is actually a small village. She saw a man on the street pop out his penis while 'looking' at her...(you know, with that look they have in their eyes...) and she figured out what was going to happen, and told me to run and we both escaped.

Ken said...

@yash : hmmm .. out of curiosity .. was this guy young or middle-aged or old?
i have observed, most child-abusers belong to the middle-aged category

Poojitha Rao said...

there r many perverts like this!! We shud try our best to protect kids frm these predators, we shud confront them rather.. they wont hav guts to do it again!!

Ken said...

The most anyone can do about it is spread awareness to kids ..however inappropriate it may seem :|