Monday, February 23, 2009

India Promotes Homosexuality

Yeah .. Yeah .. Yeah .. Just today someone told me that homosexuality isn't legal in India. But then, when did legality count here. With India's rich cultural heritage beautifully portrayed in movies like "Water" and India's growing economy like in the "Slumdog Millionaire", I'm quite shocked by what i've been observing lately !!

So .. Anyways, assume a boy and a girl go walking on the road .. they stop and exchange a good kiss .. Mostly they ll be attacked by the moral police .. Why do they do this ? .. Why is it sooo difficult for them to just go about doing their business ?

Is kissing ? an expression of love, wrong ? obscene ? When these wretched hypocrites go abt smooching their 1+ wives in respective bedrooms ? Yuck .. Whatever .. But there's just one thing i'm curious about : Why do they indulge in moral policing ? What is it that strikes them "disgusting" enough ? I thought of a few possible reasons ..
>> Their wives would never kiss them in public in fear of being seen with a pair of pig-lips !
>> He's never got to kiss anyone .. gone humping first thing, always i guess !
>> He's plain jealous that not a hag looked at him when he was 20 !
>> His wife(s) is a prude and has taken up celibacy !
>> He's plain jobless !

Honestly, if i saw a couple doing it on the road side, at the most i ll walk by with a amused look on my face .. cmon .. live porn .. where's it not welcome ? ;)
[No .. i don't watch porn .. it disinterests me]

And yeah .. coming back to the actual point, all this makes me think, deep down, India somehow in some unimaginable angle is promoting homosexuality ! .. My friends n me can't stop thinking the vast possiblities of erm ... in college hostels .. twosomes .. threesomes.. polysomes .. (did u know .. some of the rooms in my col has as many as 10 people in a single room .. WOW .. imagine that ! .. A good rainbow party they ll throw for themselves ;) .. )

However merciless or grouse this may sound to you, this is how our minds think .. and i don't give a frickin shit ! .. They don't mind two girls holding the other's hand and walking on the road .. They think it's harmless friendship for life .. friendship ? .. Hmmm .. Muhahaha .. !! ..

Gone are the days when u talked to no one of the opposite sex and u were talked of as a chaste and well-brought piece of shit .. Today, if you are a guy and u dont talk to girls, and don't have a girlfriend either .. then there may very well be a group of people thinking you are a sure shot gay !


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

good post .. i think these moral polices are just homosexuals in disguise .. they are angry that they were forced to marry a female and that anger they are showing on couples who got to choose their partner .. !

GG said...

So, Ken, your point is? And i agree. Whats their problem? Sheesh, no one likes to leave anyone peaceful!

Ken said...

@ GG : Well, my point is just that India is just not open to the idea of letting people be ..

Arvind Ragunathan said...

highly interesting! i can connect to your wavelength of thinking.

Maverick said...

"they stop and exchange a good kiss"... i bloody well know a good kiss.. Is there a bad kiss? sounds terribly promising :P

Ken said...

@gayu : Oye idiot .. look at the bigger picture di .. all u noticed in the entire pot is good / bad kiss ah !

Ken said...