Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maverick and Mildcube II

The E.T. Era, The Novel Era

Just in case you were thinking of the Extra Terrestrial - E.T. .. then you're so wrong. Because it is E.T. = English teacher .. Why ? .. continue to read .. you will know why ..

So, this was back in ninth grade when this beautiful 50ish lady happened to be our English teacher. She, to be honest was the very definition of "timeless beauty".. "Gracefully aged"
.. and as you could expect, gayathri n me were really fascinated with the english language ( i read John Keats and gayathri would read anything that came her way ) and readily got fascinated by the E.T. too. The E.T. was entertaining, mysterious, annoyingly graceful. I loved the way her very short otherwise dark hair carried these very smart streaks of grey right above her forehead .. LOL .. I wonder if i could bring myself to describe any other woman this well, without a hint of jealousy.. So much so, gayathri even got a poem written on her in french by her brother !!

For we, ninth graders, the E.T. was what we wanted to be when we hit 50 .. Knowing well, that would be fantastic given are non-lean bodies ;) .. As we didn't expect, E.T. turned unfriendly soon as the year progressed. She deliberately ignored the both of us. She was so sarcastic with us to the point it seared our hearts (cmon .. some dramatization) .. Towards the end of the term, we realized, we had been fools .. When i say we had suffered at her hands, believe me, we did.

Somewhere around this time in eighth-ninth grade, very much taken by enid blyton .. mark twain .. charles dickens .. nancy drew .. hardy boys, both of us successively hit upon the idea of being a novelist. I remember how we kept thinking of western names for our characters n how anita, our friend wrote the names in a scrap of paper .. I still have the paper with me .. lol

both of us, if u remember right, wanted to write mysteries / thrillers .. My protogonist would be Ken.. Hers was Jennifer jones .. The most pathetic part is, i actually wrote one whole novel (if u can call it that .. Even my guy wouldn't read it ! ) I'm tired now .. Check gayu's post at her blog


Maverick said...

sounds seriously dumb now doesn't it?? oh well.. it was fun

Maverick said...

you wrote something ah? what re??? was it something on stolen statues while on a holiday or is the statues in some crappy book i read?

Ken said...

hey ass .. i wrote .. Be Everybody .. ken .. rithu .. mia ..

Maverick said...

hey yeah yeah.. now i remember