Monday, June 22, 2009

Maverick and Mildcube III

Hi ! .. This ll mostly be the post that ll seal the .. say .. the trilogy ..

Let's take it from where we left .. Tenth grade wasn't very memorable .. classwise or our friendship wise .. Then enter eleventh grade .. She took bio .. while i took cs .. The fun started only in twelfth standard where we discovered how good friends we could be.

While all the other girls would spend every break to study study study .. We'd stand by this old almond tree and chat the time away .. Gayu was even ready to ignore her bio teach ;) .. She ll tell u what happened .. After that that teacher HATED me .. Mrs.Bio who thought gayahtri was a genius in life sciences, thought i was ruining her student .. muhaha .. Then came the possibly most relieving ceremony in our lives .. The school farewell ... Man how happy we were .. To finally get away from this hell-hole .. fourteen years had been too much ..

Enter college .. We regularly call each other .. Talk .. Gossip .. Discuss .. Kid around .. It's been memorable and fun .. As gayathri puts it aptly .. "If a friend means something to you, you ll keep in touch .. there doesnt occur the point of missing them" ..

Maverick's post here


Maverick said...

dude !!! you post, you tell me !!!

Maverick said...

since when did i start saying sensible stuff like that?

Ken said...

nee loosu di

Maverick said...

ok ok.. no need to publicize that fact..