Wednesday, June 24, 2009

As Dumb as This May Sound

Hi .. First day of third sem .. Very vetti in college .. Now i feel i should've continued the bloody Maverick and Mildcube series a little longer .. Wasn't it fun .. I thought so ..
The prof who handles thermal engg course for us seems one hell of a bloke ! .. Not a doubt ... He's an iitm btech alumni ! .. MS from univ of NY .. Very interesting and accommodating .. Only problem is, he may be religious .. he is obviously spiritual .. Don't know what apathyists like me should do when he asks us to pray in class !

Hmmm .. I should start taking college n course work a bit seriously now .. First year was a very lazy passing .. And honestly, the weather is not too bad here .. What more i got a new dressing table at my room :D .. Mom bought it for me ..

I also think that this sem is going to be different .. In almost every way possible .. Hopefully it's fulfilling by december .. lol .. I have another forty-five minutes now .. No idea what to do .. Can't keep typing crap like this anymore .. Will blog soon !

1 comment:

Karthikeyan.M.S said...

education is not enlightenment or wisdom ..

exhibit A - ur prof .. lol