Saturday, June 13, 2009

Maverick and Mildcube I

Hi .. Gayathri a.k.a. Maverick and I have been very good friends for the past years now .. We thought it might be a good idea to make a series of posts dedicated to our long and quite eventful friendship.

Both of us (as cheesy as this may sound) were classmates in kindergarten. But as four-year olds we knew little of being friends etc etc. Years passed by as Gayathri continued to dwell in some niche in my mind; now, just as a name. I'm able to recall one time in fifth grade when almost the whole class was pestering her to tell them what her mom's name was ! .. What the .. And she was refusing to utter a syllable .. I wondered why .. But bein as aloof as i used to be, i chucked the whole matter .. Then i don't remember when, but she told me her mom's name and added, "Please don't tell it to anyone." -- -- (No .. Dw .. Her mom's a normal doc .. Gayu did make a big deal then .. But if u ask her, she ll have a thorough justicfication for her .. erm .. )

My first lasting impression of Gayathri was this real Victorian snob .. lol .. Let me tell you how she helped me draw that conclusion.
One day at school during the break, in eighth grade :
Me : Hey .. You don't have a bad structure u know .. You don't wear jeans ?
Gayu : (head held high) I know what to wear and what looks good on me
My thoughts : (what the ..... )

Another day while discussing music :
ME : I loooove Ricky Martin
Gayu : I listen to ABBA. They're really good.
My thoughts : Geez .. In what times are we living ? 80's ?? .. Girl .. Do u know there;s stuff like pop ? rock ??

So, we became friends .. Friends with a lot of differences .. Check her blog for her version.
More to come .. Ciao !

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