Friday, June 12, 2009

The perfect execution

I counted today .. I have exactly 7 black tees' now .. The black tee week will start anytime soon.

So .. Life .. Death .. Most of the time, i feel life is under-rated and death, over-rated. The other day, i asked a friend what she'd do if she found her boyfriend cheating on her. She quite fervently said, "I'd kill him. And i'd kill the other woman too." I asked her why she'd want to kill them to which she replied that people like them didn't deserve to live.

Right. Bad people (cheating, manipulating, scathing, scheming included.) may not deserve to live. So what do they deserve ? Is it death ? Death may be perceived as most severe of all tortures / punishments but i prefer to disagree. Which is more painful .. kicking the shins of a live person or a dead one ? Which is more damaging .. Robbing a live person's assets or a dead one's ?

I believe that suffering while still alive is far worse than dying. Seconds of intense pain in the end is shades better than years of pain. Many times, when people are hurt, they seem to resort to killing their offender, not realizing that they could be dealt with, legally and actually be able to kill the person while he is still alive.

LOL .. I sound like i'm one big scheming *i**ch, don't i ? .. Anyways, the whole point of this post is that, all of us, at any intense moment of negativity must always stay on the legal side of things.

Perfect Crime may be one which gives u minimum risk of being accused. The perfect execution, however, imo is the one where the law helps you do it.


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

somethings are definitely worse than death .. death is not actually a punishment !! its a punishment for the next of kin .. !! the person who dies goes off peacefully

Maverick said...

why would she want to kill her guy??? I don't see the point

Ken said...

@gayu : ass .. ur killing the point of the post !

Maverick said...

skull too thick to penetrate

Ken said...

@gayu : Skull ?!! .. I was referring to bum !

Maverick said...

to speak of one is to talk of the other