Monday, June 8, 2009

Feel like a millionaire

Feeling a little bad that i haven't blogged for sometime now :(

Last weekend, i wanted buy parmesan .. it was priced at 480 bucks for thin thin slice .. No .. I'm not that rich .. Still, i looked at the package and it was made in kodaikanal !! .. Man .. so much for some aged cheese from a hill station in a tropical, non-cheese eating country ? .. no thanks !

I've been making some really yummy non-indian dishes these hols :D


yash gupta said...

Those cheese people in Kodaikanal are trying to rip us off!

Ken said...

you bet .. why not on in gtalk ?

Maverick said...

you bother to cook and stuff.. i just walk to the Subway

Ken said...

@ gayu : Subway .. in neyveli .. not even worth dreaming .. thu ..
anyways i like cooking :)

Maverick said...

thu.. who said neyveli.. i'm not stepping into that place if i can help.. i was talking abt chennai