Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Filling a slam book ..

yeah .. i'm in my last year of schooling .. and “school” is virtually over.. only tests from now on.. i sit the test (everyday) , i hand in my answer script in 1.5 hrs and go packing .. back home.. and bury myself in more books .. downside to this? : well.. you can only just about catch your friends' faces .. forget about talking to them .. but me still very alive :D.. (bless Alexander Graham Bell ) ..

With this comes the very feverish or rather EQistic avalanche of slam books that get thrusted in your hands .. whether you like it or not :| .. so i made a “template” .. a standard default .. requiring minimal changes .. IF the venerable owner of the slam book deserves it..


name : needs updation(desperately :| )
nickname : looking for a new one
address : not looking for a new one
phone no. : er.. i'm actually dumb (so, no point in giving it anyways)
email id : britneyspears@gmail.com
My birthday : April 31
I'm proud of : duh! Dont you know ego is bad for health?
My best moment : Can you keep a secret ? Yes ? You sure ? So can I.
My dream : marry William Henry Gates III
My hobbies : dislodge / disorient people mentally with my excessively groteseque propositions
I would like to date : a GUY!! (obvious isn't it?.. considering the factS that i'm female and not bicurious)
My favorite pastime : following F1, wrc, moto gp, sbk, epl, bowling, tennis
My idea of fun : bugging / coaxing my mad friends into going madder (and hence forth keep me company)
My favorite holiday destination : mountains / beaches
My favorite food : anything delectably edible
Favorite color : blackish white
Favorite book : 1001 keyboard utilities (ya.. i eat on it, i sleep on it, i (occasionally) sit on it, i throw it about.....and yeah.. occasionally i do my typing with it )
My favorite hang-out : a nice quiet place a little away from my house :) [people say its a graveyard.. don't know ..]
Cool pals : the pals i do have don't let me touch them.. so can't tell ..!!


well.. by the look of it .. i personally think its decent work .. something worth being treasured forever and forever .. by either the slam-book owner.. or the trash can ..

DISCLAIMER : i hate britney spears


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

reminds me of the 'pink' 'contrastingly colourful' 'cursively written' 'flowery' slam books that i had to witness in my 12th standard .. sheessshh ..

Ken :) said...

lol !! and believe me.. they're still like that ;) (not mine though )

baargav said...

may sound pedantic..but..you can date a guy if you are bicurious..the 'bi' in bicurious stands for duality..i know you know that..but i'm bored so i'm trash commenting now..

Ken :) said...

duh!! the thing's not abt dating a guy .. its about NOT "dating" a girl!! .. btw you should start giving me classes on lexicalities ..