Saturday, October 13, 2007

My experiments with Tamizh :P

yeah!..i'm talking about tamil nadu and of course!.. tami'zh'ans

my mom recalls a convo i had with my grandpa when i was abt 6 years goes like this:
(the below convo was in kannada)

grandad:the tamilians have a unique way of spelling everything..
me: yeah, thathu.. sometimes i dont even understand what my friends at school speak..

grandad: whats it they call 'chappathi' ?
me: oh! That.. they call it something like this: “sappathi”..

grandad: what about 'dosa'?
me: something like 'thosai'!

grandad: did they retain 'idly' atleast?
(i seriously have lost it at this point for it seems i have replied..)

me: no.. its not 'idly'!.. they call it 'thidly'..!!
(i do know i must have been lying about “thidly”.. jus for the fun of it :P)

so thats that.. one more thing that really intrigues me is how they say: “tea / coffe saapdu” honestly!.. in all other langs.. its like “tea taagu”(telugu) or “tea togoli”(kandu) or “chai piyo” (hindi) !!!!!

i also remember the day when i was making announcements and ended up spelling “azhagarasi” as “az-hag-arasi”.. all the time thinking if it was of african origin or what!.. only realised later that it was infact “la” for “zh”.. when my friends who were listening dissolved into a sea of laughter!

to date.. my efforts to speak flawless tamil continues.. i have nothing against the language as such.. but it gets you in a lot of trouble when you try to get away by making cross-linguistic translations..and end up making an entirely inappropriate statement!!!.. unless the person listening to you knows the degree of ur “proficiency” in tamil.. well.. you can guess what can happen!! (i learnt it the hard way.. not once ..not twice..almost everytime!) lol!!


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

nice post ..

and there is this one letter / pronounciation in tamil which is not there in any other language .. the "zh" sound .. its not "la" sound .. its a difficult sound to pronounce (i had difficulty in pronounciation when i was in my primary .. lol) ..

and really nice that you know so many langauges .. well although u aint ace in anything .. its cool .. jack of all, king of none :P .. enjoy

Ken :) said...

hey imo..its enough if u know enough of a lang to help u get around a supermarket..(an exception being english :P ) me proud of my tami'zh' :D