Tuesday, December 4, 2007

For Champi :)

For those who dont know who / what “champi” is .. he was my VL mam's (my physics teacher at iit class) little white dog .. he died last friday .. in the early hours of november 30, 2007 .. this post is for him ..

first time i saw champi was an year and a half ago .. when i happened to drop by VL's home .. little white thing .. a promerian .. “champion” he was called .. cute guy .. came tugging at my duppata and all .. mam's daughter--a great animal enthusiast .. told that champi especially fell for girls .. lol .. and i had replied “ well .. he would have had a better chance had he been taller and less hairy .. “

it all comes back now .. even if he wasnt “tall” and “less hairy” .. i liked him nevertheless .. i personally have never had a dog .. because mum says that the grief that shrouds one after a pet's death far outweighs the joy the pet had brought when it was alive .. and me always fond of keeping things in control .. didnt experiment with a pet ..

and now, inspnite of myself, i feel sad there wont be another champi ..
For Champi - ummah !!

we ll miss you da :) .. :) .. :) ..

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Karthikeyan.M.S said...

its really surprising/amazing sometimes how people can really get attached to their pets ..