Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great Old Englisss

When it comes to India, the language base is highly eclectic. So, it's only natural that none of us, Indians are native English speakers. Even less, have the correct knowledge of English.

Once, on my way to Pondicherry for a casual holiday, this is what a car's rear window read : "Bra Driving School" ..ahem .. Don't know if you appreciated that .. Either ways ..

>>>This is what the banner of a modest 20' x 20' shop selling booze reads :

>>>Even more funny (assuming the one above was funny :| .. ) is what i got to read as my bus passed thru Tiruverumbur today :

I speak hindi .. er .. guruji .. By what 'method' did you teach us hindi ? Is it better or or or at least as good as the "North Indian Method" ?

>>>Here is another comedy .. there was a building under construction and this is what a simple banner in front of it read :

>>>The other day, msk and me where just walking the streets in Trichy .. There was this restaurant that claimed it had air-conditioning, but even from the outside one could see that it was not so .. Then on observing the banner more carefully ...

Hope you enjoy reading the post as much as i enjoyed making it .. and yes :| .. i used Paint .. was too lazy for ps


yash gupta said...

I enjoyed reading that. I was impressed that you actually went to the trouble of recreating those banners as you saw them.

We Indians feel the situation is really bad, when in fact, its much better than in most other places. I only realized that once I left India.

Ken said...

Of course !! .. Knowing some english is better than no english ..

Matangi Mawley said...

yep! gr8 indians.. i have once cme across a shop tht read- "electranic waach" !

Justin vijesh said...

hey \m/ awesome observations