Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hell - O !

Hi Hi .. So it's been a long time, ain't it ? how many of you committed suicide cos i played traunt from september ? .. erm .. anyways i have been astronomically offline (does that make any sense ? ) ..

I have my exams coming up on Monday, but then, who frickin gives a damn .. And something funny .. people at my hostel suddenly discovered what shiny hair i have .. My guy is happier than ever as this fact is getting more established by the day .. OMG ! ;)

Couple days back, i had a very very memorable bus 'ride' from Thanjavur to Neyveli. The bus was ABSOLUTE filth. What should have been 2.5 hours took 5 hours. And i realised something. It's not some air-conditioned bus with reclining seats with a leather upholstery that i expect, but just a clean .. CLEAN place to sit and travel ! .. Why do we, Indians who take so much care is keeping our homes spic n span dont give a shit to keeping our surroundings clean ?

They impose a fine when you smoke .. (well, ppl havent stopped lighting up) .. why dont they mash up your shins if you piss in public ? Just because you have a frickin penis ! ..

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