Monday, January 28, 2008

To hell with diplomacy !!

right, if i were a guy, i'd rape them to death .. yeah, each and everyone of them .. then i'd lay them as the corner stone of the world's CRAZIEST mental asylum !!

Major fcukers ! ALL of them !!! and SurlyB is THE biggest b!#ch of the century or the millenium (or any larger unit of time) ..

i cant wait to get away from this god-forsaken hole !! .. they say it's god's sanctum .. haha .. but these stupid ppl dont even realise that god abandoned that place hell long time ago .. why this place? .. he even vanished from this face of the the Earth .. that is why ppl go around mere statues and idols !!

EVERY thing else in very right in my life : my family, my friends, my guy, my comp, my iit prep .. even my ass of a vehicle gets me to places without complaints !! ..
i WONT let these sick asses get to me or screw my life up !! i WONT !!!!
btw i'm NOT a psychopath !
and NEVER--remember NEVER doubt my integrity !!!!!


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

why the "if i were a guy" .. !! ?

Ken :) said...

basically to show the ppl who're gonna be raped are women ..