Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fine weather isn't it?

Britons almost always talk of weather when they start convos .. at least in the victorian times .. anyways list of twenty and five people i'd like / want to meet :

  1. Stefen fry
  2. ellen de generes
  3. Sir alex ferguson (and kill him at the end)
  4. arsene wenger
  5. bernie eccelstone (i hate him .. but i want to meet him anyways)
  6. nasurridin shah
  7. beyonce knowles
  8. zenidine zidane
  9. michael schumacher
  10. Robbie williams
  11. Pamela Anderson (i dont know why but cant get her off my mind)
  12. Rajat kapoor
  13. Aamir Khan
  14. bono
  15. Arthur c clarke (i know he's dead)
  16. ayrton senna (i know he's dead too)
  17. arun jaitley
  18. desmond morris
  19. charlise theron
  20. laxmi nivas mittal
  21. ratan tata
  22. james cameron
  23. shekhar Kapur
  24. anand mahindra
  25. lord krishna (how he managed 16,000+ wives)

haaaaaaaaa .. finished the list :) .. phew !! !! !!


Dr Very Strangelove said...

people i missed:stephan fry, zenidine zidane, ratan tata, Rajat kapoor

people i thankfully missed: Sir alex ferguson, beyonce knowles, Robbie williams,

people i think you added just to put scene: ellen de generes,

people who dont deserve a mention: anand mahindra, Pamela Anderson

actually our lists are similar in quite a few ways

Ken said...

hmmm .. i HATE ferguson; like beyonce, RW and ellen ; appreciate anand mahindra for bringing mahindra into the mainstream auot industry ; and absolutely pity pam anderson ..
i want to show them what i ,feel for them ..
but then its my list, so you'd rather buzz off !! !! !!
hmpf !!

Maverick said...

too bad for you that alex fergu is knighted!! instead of killing him, do me a favor. ask pam why she's still alive and kill her(without waiting for the answer).It'll do the world a world of good

Karthikeyan.M.S said...


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

i counted and i seem to know only 9 of the people in the list .. !! .. bah ..

Ken said...

@ maverick: why kill pam?i can continue to pity her .. ferguson is one major fucker ok ..
@ msk: :P