Monday, March 17, 2008

YAY !!!!!!!

School's never really been 'fun' .. without the few friends that i do have there, it'd be 8 hours of hell each day !!! .. today, math paper's finally over .. only comp paper's up on march 24th .. so my "public" exams virtually over :D :D :D
i'm so bloody happy !! .. i know i have a host of entrance exams lining up .. but still working for them is hundred times more fun than being ta school !! i can work at my own pace, at my own time, in my bedroom, go surf the net whenever i want to, listen on in my ipod whenever i want to ..
>>no more being commanded / threatened to do nonsense ... (that's supposed to be sense :| ) ..
>>no more being herded like cattle into phy / chem labs !!
>>no more ppl trying to threaten us with a visit to the principal's room (we never got threatened or afraid.. this is what made it even more irritating !! )
haaaa .. i'm sooooooooo happy !! .. and no ppl i ll 'miss' as such .. cos the ppl who do matter, with them i ll be in touch forever :) ..
more on school in the coming up posts !! .. now gotto go cook up one good plan to try and crack jee .. lol

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