Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buying Your Vote

I know i'm not into politics .. With the results of the Karnataka general elections have come out, and some Yaedurappa guy being sworn in as the new CM, ppl in white are all red and purple ;)

Its actually fun time for ppl like me to watch, in my native hospet ..
ok now what / where is hospet ?? .. Right, so its a small city in north Karnataka, some of whose people are growing rich at a rate that the city itself is not able to keep up with these "big shots" .. Meaning, people are rich, the city is damn poor (like india) ..
And with these general elections, watching how these so called "political workers" gather supporters is a very interesting process .. That is what happened when one day, before the elections, i heard my grandma's maid tell that she was given cold hard 8K so she could vote for this particular candidate ..
LOL .. normally i dont talk to strangers (other people's maids etc ) .. but i couldnt stop myself .. When i asked her the what-when-how, she said, "Since there are eight voters in my home, each of us is getting one thousand rupees. All thanks to Anand saheb" .. .. .. And i was like "what the .. .. .. ?!!! " .. For once i regretted not being 18 yet .. lol or i could also have voted for Anand saheb and gotten a cool-something for 1k ..

Imagine, this Mr.Anand is a major iron mine owner and is rich enough to give each of his voters a thousand bucks (btw he won in the district) .. then why did he want to contest the elections? what would politics give him that mining had already not ? Why this unquenchable thirst for power ?

Also, i was thinking what would happen if india had a bi-party system as the Americans do, Would it help the political system? .. lol it would be easier on us .. you know how difficult it is to remember the various parties in India ..
I really feel like laughing at this comedy but stop myself cos there's NOTHING funny about this .. They keep buying your vote, not earning it .. They keep fucking you and you let them ... Shit !! ..
The thing is, who wins /does not win hardly makes a difference .. its as good as thinking whether to buy a blue trash can or a red one .. Because both are gonna hold trash in the end .. Makes no difference .. It just doesnt ..


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

the people who don't need that money ( the educated working people ) don't vote .. unless and until the voting percent increases, no way anything can be done about it ...

Maverick said...

there's this thing in my family that the whole family has to vote for a particular party. i felt that it was soooo stupid that i convinced fg (when he turned 18)to vote for the opposition. the family (granpa mostly) was soo disappointed when they learned of this that both i and fg had to jump over the gate and run to an uncle's home 2 km away :')the point am trying to make is some people have this fixed fan base thing for a particular party and constantly vote for them. i mean look at hillary and obama. obama is a lot better than McCain or hillary but white people will always vote for hillary and republicans will always vote for McCain. until young people(like sachin pilot) step up and take charge in india, there's no hope 'cos all politicians are tooo old or too stupid to change their corrupt ways.first there should be a rule that only literate people can take politics. and no old cinema personalities in politics. we need people with a vision but india is just too blind to see that.

Maverick said...

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