Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Post

Getting fed up of the blue-red trash can thingy, I asked a friend as to what i should blog on, as my brain's busy hibernating .. He came up with two ideas ..
1. "My stupid mob"
2. "Blog on something i like the most"

1. Just in case you wonder what makes my mobile phone stupid (or even you're not) .. It's not stupid neither is its owner !! .. The problem is, i basicallly hate noise of any kind which includes my phone ringing or beeping .. And unconditionally, my phone is stalled into an indefinite silent mode ..

If its in my hand, or if its in my bag and the bag's pressing against me, or if its over my body itself, then may be i ll respond to your msg or call .. So, now you know, to which number you DON'T call / msg if you neeeed to contact me

2. Something i like the most? .. many things .. my puppy-eye, internet, food, water, sleep, laziness, intelligence


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

YOUR puppy-eye or ? :P

Ken said...

@ msk : :P