Saturday, June 7, 2008

Getting and Being Stupid

It's fun to be stupid. Going all beserk with your head lolling around, just for the fun of it .. I've been stupid for as long as i can remember ..

Age : 1.5yrs
One fine morning, dad's in bathroom, mom in kitchen. Mom thinks dad has me. Dad thinks mom has me. But i'm outside, on the road .. running as fast as my (little) feet can take me. I keep running. A macho neighbour who's out jogging sees a little baby girl out alone in the streets. Carries her back home to my mum and dad while she struggles to break free ..

Age : 2 yrs
i venture out into someone's garden. I find a bush within my reach (i was short you see) and surprisingly it's laden with red berries .. YAY .. i reach out for one and put it into my mouth and i start screaming !! mom runs to me .. finds me chewing on red, ripe (and hot) Chillies !!

Age : 3.5 yrs
My parents' wedding anniversary. I bunk school (lkg) to celebrate. Next day, the kiddo enthusiastically goes to school and tells her dear Mrs.Mary (teach) how she enjoyed her 'yesterday'. Dad comes to pick his kiddo up after school and says to Mrs.Mary, "My daughter was ill yesterday, so she could not come to school" .. Mrs.Mary smiles, " So, Your wedding anniversary went very well. Priyanka told me how much fun she had."

Age : 4 yrs
My youthful neighbour (jaggu uncle) is getting married (arranged of course). I'm his dear little buddy. He calls me and shows me the photograph of his would-be-wife and asks me, " I want to marry this 'aunty'. How does she look ? " .. The kiddo replies, " Hmmm .. She's fine, but as good as you look."

Age : 7 yrs
I have a very cute rag doll. I adore the doll. My (jealous) friend says it is bewitched. Cutting the doll up and throwing the pieces into the trash can is the only remedy. The kiddo cuts up the doll with mommy's scissors; Throws the pieces into the trash can. I stopped playing with dolls ever since. 'Hot Wheels' took their place.

Age : 9 yrs
I get reprimanded by my teach because i called my fellow class girl, "Idiot"

Age : 10 yrs
I get reprimanded by my teach (this time, someone else) because i was morally diluting 'children' by teaching them "FLAMES". The kiddo doesn't know which idiot found this morally diluting enough to go tell the teach !!

Age : 12 yrs
It's Quarterly Exams. Today is Geography Paper. I'm all prepared. Bring it on !! .. They bring it on. The Question paper reads :
St.Joseph of Cluny MHSS
Quarterly Examinations
Maths II Paper
The kiddo panics. Does all she can. Gets a 96 / 100.

Age : 14 yrs
I meet my cousin sis's handsome teenage neighbour (now her bf) for the first time. The 'kiddo' tries to impress him !! .. He challenges her to tear up his favorite self-portrait photo. Man !! the Kiddo needs to show she's no chicken. She tears it up .. We dislike each other even to this day.

Age : 15 yrs
My botany teach gives me a brain bending 30 min lecture. I went below my desk to pick up my fallen hanky while the girls next to me were chattering with each other. This is why.

Age : 16 yrs
IIT class :: Chemistry ::
1:50 pm -- Boys are out in the playground bickering with each other. We (girls) are inside in the class scribbling on the black board. I scribble, " Women remember eveyrthing. Men forget everything. That's why men need instant replays in sports. "
1:55 pm -- The prof is not here yet. We( girls) go to the loo. The kiddo's golden words still scribbled on the board.
2:00pm -- We run upto the classroom. First thing kiddo wants to do is clear the board before anyone (boys /prof) reads it. We rush. Prof is inside. Boys are inside. Prof looking at our art work, amused. Prof wants to know whose platinised words those are. The kiddo's hand goes up very slowly.

Age : 17 yrs
A guy kisses me for the first time. But the kiddo doesn't join in immediately, she's busy thinking, "Oh gosh !! this guy is kissing you !! .. You're gonna remain kissed forever."

Being stupid's fun right ? ;)


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

you'll be the "kiddo" for ur entire life .. hehe .. .^8

yash gupta said...

wow! you inspired me to write something of that sort of my own! And since I'm not sure of the dates, I'm gonna have to call my mom or sister. mind wanders away thinking about that.

Ken said...

@ msk : you ppl never let me grow up :P
@ yash : well .. all the toddler and kindergarten accounts, i dont remember .. Just what mamma keeps telling me ..