Thursday, June 26, 2008

For Muffy

For those who don't know / can't remember what / who Muffy is .. He was a 1.5 yr old Boxer dog .. Fierce, concerned, capricious, sensitive and male, He was one of most vivacious things that i had ever seen ..
Mama and attha haven't stopped crying .. It seems mama saw froth in an unconscious muffy's mouth and rushed him to the hospital .. Lying near muffy was a dead, shredded chameleon.

So, from some 1 in the night yesterday, the recovery attempts began at the local vet's .. It's 5:46 pm now .. Muffy died about 3 hours ago ..

The muffy guy always liked to go after lizards etc .. This time it was a chameleon .. poisonous, least to say .. This wasn't the first time either .. Once muffy bit at a lizard and suffered fits attack but was saved in time.

This time things just didn't work out :')


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

things dont' always quite work out .. i am sorry for muffy ..

Maverick said...

i am sorry kiddo. i'll call you later tonite, if you don't mind/think it will help you feel a little better

Ken said...

@maverick : :P

Maverick said...

@ken: is that for my rotten sense of timing?

yash gupta said...

really sorry for muffy. poor thing. rest in peace boy.