Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth rate comedy

Ya, I'm gonna intro you to fourth rate comedy.

# My 10 year old sister wants to know why one has to get married to have kids.

# Why don't dogs need to get married to have puppies.
(She has a point you know)

# I'm entering the bath. Karthik makes a move to his bag near the bath.
I say, "Hey it's ok, I ll go alone."

# My cousin asks the shop-guy for toilet paper. He says, "Toilet paper i don't have. I can give sand paper."

# A guy happened to look at my pictures. He says, "Some of them were scary."

# For those who have seen the recent reliance mobile Ads, the signal bars, at the end of the Ad go from a slanting array to a straight one. So, if you just discovered you're straight, reliance offers you its "Digital Sound Clarity".

# I shell out 16k for a new digicam. My dad asks where it had been manufactured. I wrongly blurt out 'China'. My sis : "Even my toys are 'Made in China' .. You paid SIXTEEN THOUSAND Rupees for a 'made in china' camera ?"

# ,

Ok, enough.


Karthikeyan.M.S said...

even most of the people in the world are made in china .. !! .. so .. they aren't someone to be taken lightly .. lol

Ken said...

@ msk : Try explaining that to shalu.

Karthikeyan.M.S said...

ya sure .. is she patient enough to listen to me ..