Saturday, July 26, 2008

Leaving .. At Last

The wait has come to an end; The four months to go .. The three months to go .. The two months to go .. The one month to go .. The two weeks to go .. The two days to go .. Has at last come to "One day to go" ..

Yes, today's my last day at home before i start my ug .. lol no soppy feelings .. just needed to record this date at my blog .. Leaving tom morning to Thanjavur .. Thinking now, i virtually am leaving home once and for all ..
no more sitting at home for years .. lol ..

Excited .. Stilll a little concerned if i ll get bored of stuff as i always seem to do ..
Might not fit here .. But the pink rose .. my favorite ..


yash gupta said...

what do you mean you're finally leaving home? care to fill us ill informed ones on the sitch?

Karthikeyan.M.S said...

life keeps moving on :) .. have fun ..

Ken said...

to put it straight, i've been looking fwd to live on my own for quite some time now .. finally i've been presented with an opportunity to do so ..