Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beginning of the End

Some things i have learnt in the past few days:

>> If things are already going bad for you, people who can better your status will actually reduce you to further hopelessness

>> Yet again, life is a game of cards, once dealt, you need to play the best game out of them

>> Luck is something India is very full of

>> If you are a girl, India is not the best place to be born in

>> Love by itself, may not be blind. But people do become blind.

>> Dreams are supposed to only motivate you, not consume you. Yes, this is a consolation because i cannot live them.

>> Even when you are feeling worse than anybody, even when the bullet has caught you right in your gut, still you need to manage others feigning stability.

Yes, this has been a very erratic and a very emotional post. I let it pass.


Anonymous said...

Don worry.. Emotional expressions sits rather nicely on you.. :-)

Ken said...

@ anonymous : now who is this !! .. lol ..

Karthikeyan.M.S said...

why is this 'the beginning of the end' ..

Ken said...

@ msk : My imagination is on a wild Road Runner ride.

yash gupta said...

I don't know.. the first one doesn't quite sit well with me.

Ken said...

@ yash : I could've gotten a seat at NIT, Trichy. I didn't.

They fucked my category up. The guy refused to rectify his mistake saying, " I have to change it in too many places .. So i won't."

They could help. They didn't.