Thursday, June 19, 2008

Been 10 Days

Oh yeah !! .. I realised this with bone-chilling horror when i woke up this fine morning. It's been TEN days since i last posted .. Oh My Godddd !!! ... Geeeeezz ... My Oh My .. what have i done !! .. Oh God !! .. Oh God .. !! ..

So, but for the few people who have been incessantly bugged by me (Oh yeah .. Karthik and Baargav) , no one knows that i have been raving like mad for the past two weeks .. LOL .. It so happens my reservation category got messed up frmo being OBC to GEN =)) ..

The try was desperate .. It goes like this .. I call up mnnit, Allahabad .. But the scum bag there says he cannot do anything .. Then i call the ccb's chairman .. Unusually he talks to me patiently .. gives my directions (which actually helped) ..

So i mailed the cbse, Delhi 'requesting' them to get my godamn category changed .. And next day, shows : Discrepancies related to category, sub-category, gender and state of eligibility in the computer record generated on the basis of AIEEE 2008 application form earlier submitted by the candidate to CBSE will be rectified by the competent authority at the counselling centre on the basis of the original certificates.

So now i'm not bone-chillingly horrored .. But those stupid ccb guys .. They could've told me before that i could get this thing done on my counselling date in Trichy .. Oh yeah .. The fricking hot Trichy .. For now watching FRIENDS ..
All Hail Karthik. Guess why


Maverick said...

"all hail karthik" - for ur dvds i guess. same sentiment here- for the same reason

Karthikeyan.M.S said...

all hail my dvd writer ..

Maverick said...

all hail karthik's dvd writer!!!!!!!!!!