Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am Grateful

A Not so beautiful Tuesday morning. I get ready for college. Start for the bus stand. Sit in the bus. The bus starts. Time to buy a ticket. I start tearing my bag apart. Why ? Because i cannot find my frickin purse !

People always keep asking me why i don't maintain a purse and go around stashing money in four to five arbit places within my bag. I thought over this and got myself a tidy little black purse from home. I remember how meticulously i put in loose change into it today morning. And damn ! How i cursed myself for even paying heed to those idiots who gave me the "maintain a purse" advice. And then i remembered -- this is the fuckin reason why i never maintain a purse unless i'm on a formal outing. Because, of all the things that i usually take to places, i know i ll end up forgetting this one thing !!

I was still tearing my notebooks apart when the couple sitting next to me noticed i was going crazy. When they heard i had forgotten my purse, they offered to pay for my ticket. 7 rupees. Gawd and i was able to fish out 2 bucks from my now disheveled bag. I decided it would be too cheap to give the 2 rupees to them. So i clutched it tight in my fist till it became almost as hot and flushed as my face !

Sincerely, I thank you, Mr & Mrs. XyZ. (i was too embarassed to ask your names)

But the cynical, ungrateful, bitchy me couldnt help thinking -- If i was not dressed as i was, or if i was not carrying doesn't-come-cheap electronic gizmo or if i was not wearing those diamond rings on my fingers, i wonder if they'd deem my unfortunate mishap genuine and help.
Damn my impudence


yash gupta said...

This has happened to me in Toronto. I was in the subway and realized that I don't have any cash. But I really needed to get to my workshop so I asked around for change and a little kid offered to help me.

When i came back, my landlord suggested I should have written down his contact info and sent him the money. That really would have been the right thing to do. I guess if you had done that you wouldn't have felt bad about taking somebody else's money either.

Karthik Manamcheri said...

in champaign, buses are free for students .. yay america ..

Ken said...

@ yash: Yes, i could've done that
@ msk: Gawd .. u gotto stop doing this !