Monday, January 25, 2010

A Proud Pessimist

In a sweet but angry exchange, one of my close friends today said, "Don't be such a pessimist."

I was not offended at all. I hadn't thought out that label till now but i think i like it. It fits me. I'm gonna talk a little about myself today. Let's see how i came to earn this label. First things first, i don't trust people or even dogs, for that matter. But i always thought it'd be more fun that way -- keeping your senses sharp for any anomaly. Helped me in a huge way over the years. I'm what .. 19 now ? And i'm comfortably happy.

Pessimism, as i see it, is not a bad thing. It spells trouble only when u begin to anticipate breaking your leg on ur way to the kitchen. Pragmatic Pessimism is something i'd prefer. I did a little reading and found there is nothing as 'pragmatic pessimism' .. only 'pragmatic optimism'

Are people so devoid of real-time happiness in their lives that while they're scared to be stupid (optimistic), they want to rationalize things by prefixing a 'pragmatic' ? .. Which is why i find more truth in pragmatic pessimism: where u are practical (which is ALWAYS better than the worst) but the fact that things will turn out worst-possible will always run at the back of your mind. If u have learned to control your calm, i don't see why not employ a few more grey cells to keep track of the possible worst.

You're now wondering my definition of "pragmatic" is laced with optimism which i plan to trash anyway ? I thought that too. But then practical-pragmatic is weighing the nice-bad logically, right ? A how screwed can anyone's real-time chances get ?

What did i get out of being pessimistic pragmatically ? I can choose to be indifferent / vulnerable. Believe me, those two mental states dictate most of ur emotions. I like myself, this way .. i think


Karthik Manamcheri said...

as they say it "prepare for the worst, and hope for the best" .. that is pragmatic pessimism ..

Ken said...

It's more like "dont forget that things can go wrong"