Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eddie #2 - Pin the Tail

(Xo and Xo are working in the lab. At least one of them is.)

Xo: (whispering into Xo's ear) What color is your bra today?
Xo: We're working.
Xo: Answer me!
Xo: Yes. No. Not Often. Yesterday. Mars. -- Want more?
Xo: What?
Xo: Answers.
Xo: (unfazed) What color bra are u wearing today?
Xo: I'm not telling you.
Xo: Is it black?
Xo: No.
Xo: Is it red? :D
Xo: Certainly, not.

(a couple minutes pass in silence as he stands behind her and plays with her hair)

Xo: What happened? Did u again forget what the other colors are called?
Xo: It's not black or red. So I'm not interested anymore.

Xo walks away fiddling with his pen)


Yash Gupta said...

Haha. good one.

Ken said...