Monday, May 23, 2011

Eddie #5 - Thank God

Xo and Xo had just had a terrible fight. Xo was jealous of Xo's new colleague but wouldn't admit it. Accordingly to him, this new guy was hitting on his darling Xo. In the end, however Xo apologized for his stupidity and Xo told him she'd forgive him. They made up and en-cashed the best sex coupon of a relationship: Make-up sex.

And it was so good
Xo couldn't keep from screaming "Oh God!" time and again. Fifteen minutes later n Xo lies on the bed panting while Xo bunches up the sheets about her and gets up. And as she makes her exit, Xo hears her say, "Good that you know God doesn't exist or you'd accuse me of cheating on you with God!"

Xo (to himself) : And who the fuck ever told me sex makes problems go away!

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