Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Few Things I'd Like the Govt to Do

Indian politics has always amused me. It's an overt inside-joke; A joke that millions fight and kill over. Some things i'd love the Indian government to do:

#1 - Quoting xyz, "I think mosquitoes should be made our national insect; Then the government will try to protect them and they will become extinct."
Macchar bachao andolan!

#2 - The government should pass a law that orders forceful female infanticide. The census of 2011 shows a sex ratio of 914:1000 (female:male), down from 933 in 2001. Already, there's talk of men in punjab not being able to find suitable brides given their dwindling sex ratio. My suggestion is sound; Given how much i detest sexism. I honestly feel India should go to doom for this. I'd like to see zero indian women in india. It'd then be a spectacle to watch how men procreate and go on to create "Men"

#3 - Ban alcohol in Tamil Nadu. I'm fuckin sick of seeing stinky, dirty tasmac shops housing cheap liquor with a cake of dust covering them. Also sick of the uncouth bastards who get insanely drunk and go around town puking their bowels out! I don't care .. Let 'em drink the toddy shit and die .. We could do with a few less mendacious dirt bags

#4 - Ban dupattas. Silly, i agree but i'm Fed Up of donning them every day! .. So i bare my breasts to the world .. What do u care? STFU, Watch and Enjoy (or don't look. As you see fit.)

#5 - Ban plastic. Anything from bags to buckets to bakelite. We Idiots obviously do not know how to dispose of them. We light em and watch em burn.

#6 - Adopt the eye-for-an-eye law. Man, would there be a lot of eunuchs walking around.

#7 - Ban the Indian versions of Vogue and Marie Claire. Women here don't want to spend 100 bucks on a bra .. And they have Rohit Bal discussing his avant-garde line

Thats about it for now.


Karthik Manamcheri said...

Who or What is Macchar bachao andolan! ??

Ken said...

Remember "narmada bachao andolan" ? led by medha patkar? it literally means "save narmada movement" .. similarly macchar bachao andolan .. macchar means mosquito in hindi .. My bad :)